Top 10 Historical Figures Who May Have Been Gayer Than You Think

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32 thoughts on “Top 10 Historical Figures Who May Have Been Gayer Than You Think

  1. OMG? What are your sources for these videos?
    I am no she but am a chick & a lover of world history. And as a woman, I resent the implied suggestion here that the female gender was viewed by many Spartan men as so unattractive or whatever that they were many times only used for "breeding purposes only"?

    I'm no expert but neither have I ever read that Sparta viewed women or marriage like this and actually just did some research to prove this and would really like to know if you are just making this up as you go along.

    (You do know that Sparta was different in MANY ways from the rest of their Greek counterparts…?)


  2. I know about the awful fact how war was so worshipped in Sparta that boys were ripped from their mama's arms at only 7-yrs-old to learn to fight & kill. (Child abuse). And I am also aware of how men who were gay were a normal things in Greece but to actually remove these boys away from home to just "hang around men" & become gay (child abuse) to the point of it being COMMONPLACE that Spartan men
    on their wedding night would be saying "Ewww…a woman! Can u pls dress as a soldier & turn around" is as sexist as saying that if you put a group of naturally-gay children into a group of only heterosexuals & have only girls as sexual partners, they will stop being gay. 🙄

  3. Who in the hell pieced this accusational shit together? Oh, … LGBTQXYZ people OF COURSE! Who ELSE would ????? SOON these perverts will be adding MORE letters to their "alphabet soup" an A for those "A"nimal lovers (They already got a B) for beastility and a P for the Pediphiles who are already trying to lower the age of consent!

  4. The damn volume. Going UP AND DOWN from one sentence to the next. WAS painful. I had to keep adjusting the volume. By number 7. I GAVE UP. FIX IT.

  5. People used to mock Herbert Hoover as gay but then it became politically incorrect to laugh at gays then no one talked about it anymore

  6. In Laurel & Hardy films, the two of them shared the same bed…It was more normal and accepted in the past….today we are obsessed with sex which sometimes makes it impossible for adult males to have any kind of relationship with other men or especially with children.
    Lewis Carrol today would probably have been arrested despite there never having been any evidence that his relationship with the young sisters was anything other than playful…..as a society we have lost our innocence…..

  7. It's very easy and becoming very popular to say that this historical person or that historical figure was gay. No proof for the claims matter none to those trying to validate their lifestyle choice.

  8. But it left out Tchaikovsky & Ravel. Both guys were 'homos'. Yet as a classical music lover myself, I like their music & don't give a shit if they were 'homos'.

  9. I read somewhere that stated Hoover was a mommas boy for years. The mob knew this and carried on like it was a free ride for years. Hoover stated that he never heard of the mob! Lol

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