Could Marvel Iron-Man Be Behind Peter Parker’s Powers?(MCU Theory)

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Everyone knows the story of Peter Parker, the mild managed nerdy kid who moonlights as a webslinging superhero. After receiving a bite from a radioactive spider, he becomes able to do whatever a spider can. After refusing to use those powers results in the death of his uncle, he goes from Peter Parker to Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man. Now that Spider-Man has joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe, however, could there be more? Since Spider-Man’s origins are so well known, he’s one of the few characters to be introduced without an origin story, something normally reserved for the super spy contingent of the Avengers. This leaves an opportunity for there to be more to Spider-Man’s origin.

One Redditor has suggested that it provides the opportunity for Tony Stark to be the man behind the power granting spider. Not only would this tie Peter to the heart and soul of the MCU since it came into existence in 2008, it also provides a platform to introduce Norman Osborn, the alter ego of the villain Green Goblin. Peter’s world has a lot of elements that are key to Marvel, but have been absent, including Oscorp, The Daily Bugle and its publisher, J. Jonah Jameson. Right now, it’s just Aunt May Parker, Peter and Ned Leeds. Ned eventually becomes the Hobgoblin, but what if Marvel didn’t have to skip over the Green Goblin? This theory provides a clue to what happened during the devastation after Thanos’ snap and the unsnapping, and what’s in store for the MCU now that Spider-Man: Far From Home brings the Infinity Saga to a close. Let’s take a look.


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21 thoughts on “Tony Stark May Be The Reason Why Peter Parker Became Spider-Man

  1. OMG no the green goblin created Spider-Man as a super solider solution for the military this is a good theory but no Tony Stark didn't

  2. Or just introduce Norman into the MCU as the reason he got his powers. It was 6 months in when he got his powers in Civil War. Peter has field trips everywhere what says he wasn’t in the West Coast where Oscorp could be at in the MCU. It’s been 11 years and we’ve only seen 3 rich ass billionaires ever in the same fields. Stark, Hammer, and T’Challa.

  3. I think Stan Lee might be the reason these fictional characters became who they are ' but let's reflect on real life now ' in particular how good the drugs are

  4. Tony stark is a genuine he bild ed a super sout so he cane bild a spider man sout in minutes and spider man's first sout had the same eys that one stark made

  5. I know this is random, but I hope they put the living tribunal in the mcu, even if it was just a little scene! I mean who doesn’t want to see the giant guy that watches the omniverse in a movie. We know he exists now! Maybe he wants his staff back in doctor strange 2. What if when they’re cruising through the multiverse they run into him and he’s like bro, is that MY STAFF! Or maybe like they need to talk to him to figure something out with nightmare? Idk.

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