Coach Tomlin addresses the media following the Steelers’ game against the Browns, provides an injury update, and previews the Bengals.

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45 thoughts on “Tomlin: “JuJu, Diontae, Ola in concussion protocol, Snell may return this week”

  1. 99% of the time that May field is chased out of the pocket, he is going to escape to his right. Just watch game films.

  2. In the deep dark crevices of Tomlins mind, he's happy as fuck about this.

    The rest of the league has figured out how to keep Steelers in mediocrity

    Give Tomlin another excuse for him being a garbage coach

  3. Press guy says coach I know you don't want to get into the situations about the Browns head hunting out there but how did you feel Mike Tomlin before he could finish YOU'RE RIGHT I DON'T WANNA GET INTO THAT.. shut him up shut him down immediately if not sooner…CLASSIC SMOOTH ya dig..


  5. Coach Tomlin is doing an excellent job with roster management. Wow, injuries are setting the steelers back every week. They are doing great considering the circumstances. Offense needs to approve but to with new players every week. My preference would be for the steelers to play Duck at QB. he seems more adaptable to team's current situation. The offense line has quit since Ben Went down with injury and that is unfair to Mason R. Tackle keep backing up even on run plays. He made it easy for Miles Garret to disrupt the offense plays. Your thoughts?

  6. Watch our steelers go out play down to a losing team, like they always do , and hand thee 0 -10 Bengals a win i got 100 on it..

  7. Ju ju hope you get better. Tomlin you guys need a WR and a RB did you ever think if someone gets injured no back up plan wow.lol

  8. When that punk ass Antonio Brown bitch kick are kicker in the face you didn't hear shit, now all of a sudden the Browns playing dirty, fuck that now you see how that shit feel. Fuck the Steelers!!!!!

  9. Mason Rudolf is not the quarterback of the Steelers…he is 2 dimensional….when a defense shuts down your running and passing game Mason needs to run with the ball just like Big Ben USED to do. Mason does not have the luxury of being a "pocket quarterback". Problem is he is not a natural running quarterback when he gets into trouble. He becomes a "deer in the headlight"! When you have a mobile quarterback, your offense becomes 3 dimensional and gives the defense 3 things to worry about…..and things open up for your offense! because the defense will be afraid to commit to plays and will have to sacrifice a "scout" just for the QB. Just look at the Raven's QB. ……Mason has to "nut it up"!

  10. end of the game take a knee , with 8 sec ,down by 2 TD . browns are a avg team , if that .was a standard div game , watch this weeks game ouch . over the last 30 years count hard hits that took out browns QB by steelers . browns are not as soft as there were , the 2 games wins vs them is harder , there is no point in the play offs with that QB .wish ben was better , coach doing a great job , browns fan here , have a great game this week

  11. Well how many times or games is it gonna take for you to evaluate rudolph isn't a good NFL qb and how has he earned his position ncos honestly everyone besides rudolph fans and coaches see and announce how rudolph is not getting better he is still not accurate passer his decision making is horrible so for me Tomlin is making us suffer the remainder of the season so rudolph continues to hang himself which i can understand better if so cos if it is the plan. Hopefully Rudolph will be gone from Pittsburgh asap

  12. Rudolph is garbage and should have been suspended if just to take the trash off the field. Browns defense was all over rudolph who couldn't handle the rush. The browns played physical and it kills me steeler fans say browns played dirty all game so when pittsburgh plays physical and causes players to leave the game is it dirty or physical most steelers fans dont cry dirty play bcos we have always been a physical team. Tomlin has not once mentioned dirty play bcos we lost players if you ask me Rudolph when he throws he puts our recievers in jeopardy going after the ball putting them in position to get hit and hurt. Rudolph 4 ints 3 fumbles terrible qb time to sit his ass down i aint no coach but i aint blind and like i said Rudolph is not getting better he getting worse he lost to a browns team that played horrible all year

  13. We need a fucking veteran QB Tomlin. Mariota, Eli, Tebo someone who can throw the ball. Our season is over with Mason. Mason is not the same after the concussion. We should've kept Dobs. FUCK!

  14. Let's go 🦆. Mason should have walked tf away after he lost his helmet and his 2 linemen were handling it. I would have made a fool of myself like him, but I'm also not paid like him, or as mild tempered as he seems. Garrett was clearly a lot more fucked up, but god damn Mason, that guy will fuck you up without the helmet 😂. Too much unneeded attention since he's started. Maybe he's the future, but damn is he a rough present.

  15. I’m so glad he’s our coach. Literal second best coach in the league and only THIRD Steelers coach in franchise history.. imagine the fucking weight on this dudes shoulders and he still is exceeding expectations… crazy

  16. Defense holding teams….. Offense been on vacation for weeks….how long do you need to see fit for change…when we 5-10 smh

  17. Put the duck in what the fluck he cant do any worse thats impossible. Recievers can drop his balls just as easy as anyone else. Atleast he will run the ball.

  18. To be honest that fight wouldn’t of happened if the refs had control of the game. In my opinion those refs should be suspended as well.

  19. Don’t be so quick to throw away MR as a starter. Plenty of other decent starters only began flourishing after their 3rd full year in the league. Not every one has superstar ability, but quality starter is good enough with a good D. Hopefully we can complement him or BB with durable backs and a speedy tall WR with good hands next season.

  20. On December 1, 2019 when the "dirty browns" come to Heinz Field, they will see that "they awoke a sleeping giant (OLD STEELERS) and HELL IS COMING WITH HIM" STEELERS NATION RULE!!!

  21. God you Tomlin haters kill me. This guy has done everything he can to make this team successful. 5-5 record with a team that lost all of their superstars isn't bad at all!

  22. You know coach Tomlin is fired up about the Browns fiasco…already game-planning for the rematch. I hope you all blow the Browns out. Don't overlook the kitty cats this week however, they can be sneaky.

  23. I kinda feel like the brightest anything on our offense right now is our back up do it all lineman bj Finney. Steelers do have some depth at o line. Bj Finney and matt feiler would start on any other team and maybe they should on ours. The left side of our line has looked weak for more than a couple games now. Why we keep trying to run to the left is beyond me.

  24. Have to get players like Eli Rogers and dez Bryant. Terrelle Pryor has been posting that he’s ready and will only play for Pittsburgh. But nothing has even happened.

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