Titans Nightwing Trailer. First Look Nightwing Scene Reaction, Batman Easter Eggs. Titans Season 2 Episode, Teen Titans Superman and Red Hood Explained ►
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Covering Titans Nightwing Trailer. First Look Nightwing Scene Reaction. Titans Season 2 Episode Breakdown, Batman Superman and Teen Titans Easter Eggs. Nightwing Origin Story Explained, DC Comics Changes. Teen Titans Judas Contract, Jason Todd Red Hood story. Superman Superboy Conner Kent Cameo Scene Theory. Deathstroke vs Teen Titans and The Flash Seeason 6 Arrow Season 8 Crisis On Infinte Earths with Tom Welling Superman from Smallville coming back.

There’s so much DCTV stuff going on between The Flash Arrowverse shows and Titans, I’ll try to cover as much of the biggest stuff as possible. Lots more trailers and promos coming soon!

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37 thoughts on “Titans Nightwing Trailer – First Look Nightwing Scene Reaction and Batman Easter Eggs

  1. Here's my new Titans Nightwing Reaction video and Easter Eggs. This is just the beginning. Red Hood, Deathstroke and lots more deep cuts from the Teen Titans comics. Post all your reactions and theories in the comments. I'll do more Crisis On Infinite Earths videos soon!

  2. Wait didn’t the joker kill Jason Todd and it looks like Jason Todd doesn’t have that explosive temper because in the game Batman Arkham knight It says that and in the movie red hood it also shows that

  3. pretty sure when i'm done with season 2 i'm starting right back over, maybe even at beginning of season 1. this show is so fucking good

  4. I just hope it not one of those 'Let's wait until the last episode of the season to reveal the costume' type of deals.

  5. Looks like I'm going to have to try and watch the show again. Being a long standing Nightwing fan can be tough since they pretty much never get him right in most media (Except for maybe the Arkham games or they mish-mash him and Tim into a hybrid Robin) so I sort of need to get used to this universe's Dick Grayson. (The first few episodes were so the opposite of his comic personality I needed to take a small break.) but guys, does he get more quippy, more.. comic Nightwing if I watch more?

  6. Not sure I believe in the whole slice clean through the staff thing. Katanas are brittle swords and most swords don't want to collide edge first with anything hard. There may well be some truth to the myth about Miyamoto Musashi winning with a wooden sword.

  7. I have the "Superman Adventure of Nightwing and Flame Bird" book.. Never knew that the name Nightwing was inspired from superman

  8. Nightwing is going to get his name from one of the Titans. Like Jason saying, "You know what would be a cool name? Nightwing." But in a more Beast Boy kind of way.

  9. I am not paying them 1 cent for the privilege of watching this in the us. I have Netflix but can't watch this because these people are so damn greedy.

  10. What i dont understand is how is death stroke in this story linee and have beef with The Titans if he was in Arrow as Arrows man villain..?

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