Tipu Sultan May Be Dropped From School Books, BS Yediyurappa Indicates

Eighteenth Century ruler Tipu Sultan may soon be obliterated from school history textbooks if Karnataka’s BJP Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa has his way. Following a suggestion from the MLA from Kodagu, the Chief Minister is considering the idea. The Congress said it is the “height of audacity” and an effort by the BJP to “divert issues”. The BJP has already said there would be no celebration of Tipu Sultan’s birth anniversary, considered to be on November 10.

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  1. md imtiyaz says:

    Tipu sultan great freedom faitar

  2. Saif Ali says:

    Jo log apni history se bhagte hain wo sirf andhere ko apna future bana lete hain aur ye to desh ko chalane vale log hain dekho kya karein

  3. Sujay Roy says:

    Very disappointing… decision

  4. 21CenturyFox says:

    That is incorrect, they should rather write about Tipus atrocities in the books.


    I am from karmata
    I am against these non sense movt. taken by non sense ppl.
    Tipu sultan was indeed a great leader.

  6. Selva Peria says:

    This fascist government should be erased because, it didn't participate in the freedom fight, instead it killed the Father of Nation.

  7. Shubham Pawar says:

    Good decision not only tipu but all terrorist islamic invaders babur,khilji,bin tughlaq,aurangzeb n many more should also be removed from text books.

  8. gniceboy1234 says:

    This uneducated people forgot mahatma Gandhi how can they remember of true heroes of India every year they are doing Drama making people fool

  9. riyazuddin khan says:

    That's why I say India has been a slave of RSS.

  10. Kirak Chicha says:

    hahahaha …. Cowards …. I would suggest preserve those book before it is changed for some years and you can trade it in for a Museum.

  11. raghav chethan says:

    Mughals way more worse than British . Please let us know what's the difference between Brits and mughals , both are foreign to India , both are as disgusting as possible to the natives, more over mughals divided India in two (Pakistan, mughals ka auladh) . Please, explain.

  12. Mohsin Mohammed says:

    I'm from Hyderabad tipu fight for freedom and he supported hindu in his history (uneducated Cm )


    If tippu is erased from history books then what's the need of history subject to teach students

  14. faizangamerYT says:

    If u wnt to erase tipu sultan thn u should also think of erasing shivaji

  15. Vivek kumar says:

    Hn bhosdwalo ab savarkar ke gand me ghus jao tipu sultan ke bare me jante v nhi hoge

  16. Azad शेर says:

    This BJP is always against those who were against British.

    That raises a question, is BJP an Indian Political Party or it is a British Political Party? who is taking revenge on those who fought against the British.
    BJP is against

  17. no nonsense says:

    What else is there to be expected since sarvarkar and godsae are trending…😒

  18. Sm Seema says:

    Asal ye saale bjp rss vhp Bajrang dal k dalle kabhi cahate hi nahi the k desh ki azadi me Musalman ka naam ho saalu jake dekho ithaas sabme zaydi qurbuaniya Musalmanon ne dihai

  19. Ayush Sthapak says:

    Useless govt. Decisions

  20. Mohammad Farook Kasam Ghadyali says:

    Bjp is simply playing politics of hatred, because to cover its failure , people are losing jobs, farmers are committing suicide, public sector are given to private sector, building statues is thier first priority, we are at 102 in hunger index out of 117 means we are behind Bangladesh and Pakistan, bjp government is the worst

  21. straight forward says:

    Bass yehi karegi BJP kam kuch nahi dimag kharab karegi fukat ka scrap this party now

  22. Mohib Quadri says:


  23. noor shaikh says:

    Remember you can remove it but can't erase it

  24. Mr Choudhury says:

    Yadurappa/BJP don't think you will remain all the time… Have you ever think what happened if liberal comes to power next and your history???
    Good carry on… You are actually traping yourself…

  25. Hikari Oreki says:

    Highlight : Stupidity can be limitless is proved!

  26. Naaz Islamic Status says:

    Kitne chhote log Hai chhi…😣
    Kitna jalte Hai ye log musalmano se…

  27. Sajit Khan says:

    Wonderfull decisions

  28. Gulab Khan says:


  29. I M FROM PAKISTAN says:

    Famous dialogue of TIPU
    " Sher ki 1din ki zindagi behter hai geeder ki 100 years zindagi se "

  30. Vj Bhat says:

    God knows only where we are heading ?

  31. Md Abdul Hadi says:

    Well British history will always remember him in England how tough he was… A warrior, a freedom fighter….

  32. Ivry Yoshi says:

    We all know Tipu fought British to save his own kingdom which any ruler would do.

    What we should conveniently forget is that:

    He forced conversion

    He ordered destruction of temples

    He massacred non muslims especially hindus.

    So why be surprised when non hindus and anti hindus favour him ?

  33. c p says:

    BJP has no other meaningful policies for the development of citizens. So they rake up all such unwanted things and create communal hatred in this society.

  34. T Rama Narayana Rao says:

    BJP's Love for their British Masters Exposed. 😂

  35. Haris Sh j says:

    Even though Tipu died he still give night mares to anti nationals anti independence pro capitalist RSS.
    They are afraid of his legacy so only by demonizing him they can split India and get political mileage and loot people.
    And idiotic people falls to their trap of pseudo hindutva pseudo ache din.
    They will be no acha din , British made a brilliant move by demonising muslim rulers with fake hate stories. So the once slave indians will never over take British.and just when India overtake uk in gdp.they fall to the trap and hate mongers have slipped India economy to all time low and from 4to 8

  36. Ratna Mani says:

    Savarkar got Pension from British,
    Tippu didn't ☝🏼

  37. Md Mustafa says:

    Tipu sultan hindustan musalman insan islam jindabad

  38. Vihari Royal says:

    Unlike Right Wing Traitors Begging British
    for Mercy, he died Fighting…..😏👍

  39. Sumit Kumar says:

    Tipu Sultan Ki jai

  40. Sree Ravan says:

    These bjp fuckers doesn't have better work …. first work on actual problems economy slow down no employment poverty etc

  41. shimael fatima says:

    The more you deny Tipu Sultan the more he is getting fame. Yadurrappa Golgappa who ever you are. You will die and will be forgotten like your ancestors but Tipu Sultan will be remembered.

  42. Syed Rajijur Rahaman says:

    This inefficient government doing everything to cover up their incompetence.

  43. asif khan says:

    Tipu the great warrior

  44. satbik dash says:

    As he should.

  45. Anees Mohamed says:

    Tipu can't be erased from human minds……if there was British in karnataka…..people will definitely remember Tipu sultan ( zaheerudeen)

  46. Kumar Ranjan says:

    He is most corrupted cm… It's foolish decision that showed stupidity

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