Time Travel Tik Tok Memes | Funny TikTok Compilation #5

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  1. Sammy Rötli says:

    2:50 ww2?!?! No 1!😑😂

  2. And I Oop says:

    I was honestly about to cry with the "what's a turtle?" One like bitch… we fucking failed as humans

  3. AbodePlayz2 says:

    O nee

  4. Astrid B. says:

    1:26 the Titanic sunk in 1912 you dumbass

  5. Izych a [ IvyEye ] says:

    OH YE

  6. F A I R Y says:

    I learned more history than I ever did in my actual history class

  7. Abxbns Hackedjsjsj says:

    The intro is cancer

  8. Kate Funnekotter says:

    2:50 ah yes, 1916, the year of world war 2. Sad times.

  9. Peach Vibes says:

    I hate this so much because I did not watch Endgame yet-

  10. TextarsG says:

    Why would a time travler will travel without knowing the date that he is going to appear in

  11. Anaya Epperson says:

    I was born September 10 2007

  12. Evanskypie says:

    I didn't skip ads

  13. Jake Giguere says:

    “O nee”

  14. xxXLostgirlXxx says:


    O wow that was set on my birthday

  15. Silvertacular says:

    What song is this though?

  16. Andrew Justice says:

    I love how i didn't get some of these and still laughed because of the peace sign at the end smh

  17. tooth fairy says:

    rip bowie

  18. J S says:

    3:34 no not really

  19. Samantha Faye Malones says:

    I hope this wouldn't happen 1:12

  20. Coon Maine says:

    this is just fking cringeworthy

  21. Darly Grimes says:

    The Riley Reid one is had me dying😂😂😂

  22. pipezgaming says:

    2:52 that was ww1 stupid

  23. Saffron Meep Queen says:

    "2:51. 1916 World war 2- hmmm somethings not right"

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