Tim May Podcast: How Ohio State turned rivalry tide, previewing stakes in The Game

It’s rivalry week for Ohio State and Michigan, which means the Tim May Podcast has a full lineup of experts to give insight on The Game. To start the show, May interviewed former Ohio State quarterback, Craig Krenzel about his experience against Michigan and what it was like to get his first career start against the Wolverines in 2001. Next, former Ohio State tight end, Ben Hartsock, joined the show to describe the transition from John Cooper to Jim Tressel and how the team’s mindset changed under Tressel. After Hartsock, May caught up with Angelique Chengelis from The Detroit News about the current Michigan team and how they matchup with Ohio State. Finally, Austin Ward joined the show to preview the game.


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  1. Steve Lenores says:

    I see K-uh-p up another $13 to $101. As long as Buckeyes keep winning keep it uh-p. Maybe you are Ohio State's good L-uh-k charm. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Superarman1100 says:

    Go Bucks!

  3. Z Holby says:

    Ben Hartsock – Unioto alumni! I was the team water boy his senior year of high school. He was a beast

  4. Frank Thomas says:

    If you’re running the ball and they can’t stop it, why on earth would you do something else? Do what’s working until the other team stops it…

  5. Walt Sears says:

    Austin there is no thinking we can still go to the CFPs with a loss. The thinking is win or go home. That’s the ONLY way we control our destiny and the only way to think. Anything else is foolhardy. Sorry, but that’s the truth.

  6. Brass735 says:

    Oct 25 marked the 100th anniversary of the first time we beat the Wolverines. In memory of Chic Harley, let's do it again! Go Buckeyes!

  7. Robert Cherry says:

    Bucks gotta show and prove.

  8. Walt Sears says:

    Thanks for the show Tim! Ben said it, xichigan is a matter of focus and mindset. At tOSU it’s next game, now…TTUN…always. The reason for the season is…THE GAME! Go Bucks!

  9. Pittsburgh HODLr says:

    Jim Tressel is the most important figure in Ohio State Football History … change my mind

  10. Mutasem Najdawi says:

    Unlike any other year in the recent history for some reason I am worried this year. Not that TTUN has more talent but its our team that I am afraid of of. The penalties and mistakes the Buckyes did in the Penn State game are worrisome. I hope the Buckeyes will eliminate those and score early in the game because that will definitely alleviate the pressure. GoBucks!

  11. Yardvarks Lawn Care says:

    My dad was on the field in 02 vs Purdue when craig hits michael jenkins deep on 4th & 1! #HOLYBUCKEYE! Lets party Columbus! Thank you for bringing such great memories and big trophy to Columbus, Krenzel!

  12. J D says:

    Craig Krenzel and that '02 team… legendary

  13. Green Man says:

    Plain and simple: If we lose to TTUN Weasels, then I don't want in the CFP. I shot you nit. GO BUCKEYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Brandon Semler says:

    I dont think Patterson is going have has much rhyme with his receivers like in the past couple of games with our defense coming down him and for their running has been ok I dont they'll do much more penn st running

  15. Brass Taxz says:

    Austin Ward touched on it slightly but coach Mattison and coach Washington knows those ❌ichigan players better than anybody other than Don Brown and Jimmy Harbaugh. That's critical in our preparation for this game. Especially defensively

  16. BThreatTV says:

    Letterman row, As an Ohio state outlet I'm disappointed in this continued narrative that Ohio State doesn't need to WIN!! "THE GAME"!!! That's what it's all about is beating ❌ichigan!!! Stop this stupid narrative, if you can't get up for "THE GAME" You shouldn't be covering it!!!

    PS And I'm from DC.

  17. beedevil11 says:

    Craigs dad could have played DE at OSU. Dude was ripped.

  18. A doG naMed BRUTUS says:

    GO BUCKS! Beat ❌ichigan!

  19. yang weilik says:

    As an OSU fan:
    First Priority …BEAT XICHIGAN..
    Second Priority..win the natty..

  20. Reginald Phillips says:

    Never count your chickens before they hatch. Take what the defense gives you. Dance with the one that brung you. If so OSU will score 77 and win by 62.

  21. Mark Wheeler says:

    Craig Krenzel was a good leader. He did not make mistakes.

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