Ohio State faces off against Penn State this week in the first game of a stretch that is make or break for the Buckeyes. Tim May welcomes David Jones, columnist for PennLive.com to this week’s podcast. Jones has covered the Nittany Lions for over 20 years and provides insight into the top-10 matchup. Austin Ward joins to recap the Rutgers game and provide a perspective on the critical stretch of games for Ryan Day and the Buckeyes.


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21 thoughts on “Tim May Podcast: Championship season arrives for Ohio State

  1. SAME HERE WITH RESPECT FOR PSU. I attended PSU-OSU games in 2014 (PA), 2017 (C-BUS) AND 2018 (PA). This will be my 4th and I have my ticket, motel, etc. At age 70, I like the energy. I go alone; my friends are not football fans and I always get treated very well by everyone esp. since they are all younger. I walk with a cane and draw a lot of sympathy/special treatment without even asking!

    Of course, I am always courteous to all incl. opponents. Sometimes a very drunk student will slur the words: "I'll take care of you. What do you want to eat or drink?" As a teetotaler, I usually get a bottle of water or a hot dog. My senior friends think I am crazy for going alone!

    SENIOR CITIZEN AND SPINSTER POWER! (Spinster is not being used as a cycler here. Look it up in your Funk and Wagnalls.

  2. Tim. You guys are a blast to listen to. I think this is my third time and I find it brings back a lot of memories about Ohio State football and the Col. Dispatch which I carried for about three years in the sixties. John Hicks was a good friend of my sister who went to Hartley and Art Best grew up together in are neighborhood. He was on Notre Dame '73 team that beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl for nattie!!!! Love those days when things were so different than today!

  3. PSU comes to the Shoe with a loss to Minne-fricking-sota. Losing to the Gophers by any score probably makes Lions feel like they've had their weewees handed to them. They're coming into our house with a massive inferiority complex. It's going to be a great game. Go Buckeyes!!

  4. This team and coaching staff are unique. Yes comparisons can be made to other teams, however, the combination of elite, experienced skill players and innovative schemes/coaching creates a dynamic team. A team that responds in game to situations with adjustments that addresses issues during the game.

  5. This is the final week where we could say Ohio State could be under pressure to win and clinch the division and maybe a playoff birth, however after a win Saturday all of the pressure in the world will be on Michigan where I don’t see a scenario where Ohio State is not making the playoffs if they loose to Michigan and win the conference, not saying that Ohio State is going to loose to Michigan but it will be a lot easier for them knowing that they could loose to Michigan and still work their way back into the playoffs unlike Michigan who never won the division never beaten Ohio State and making the playoffs has always been for them beating Ohio State is the only path to clinching a spot.
    Not to mention the fact that they’ve never been to Indy nor do they know what it’s like playing for a B1G championship,
    Buckeyes just win Saturday and they will unlock all the above for the most part.

  6. I think we gotta fix our run defense against da quarterback cuz it was quarterback runs we wasn’t prepared for da QB was getting nearly 8 yards a Pop of designed QB runs and scrambles

  7. David Jones seems like a great guy…i didnt know those existed on the Penn St side?! Lol Cant wait to beat the blue off of PSU

  8. I'm not scared of UM…..one bit. This guy sounds like he is rooting for TTUN to win….which is ok. But I just dont see them having enough….its the same story just a different year. UM beats up on the weak and starts feeling themselves and always gets punched in the mouth by the good teams. This guy is saying Ohio State maybe feeling themselves but everytime I turn on ESPN or FOX….everyone is screaming UM praises….including David Jones himself on this podcast. The pressure us on for them to beat the Buckeyes and I just dont think they have enough to get it done….we aren't Michigan State….we aren't Penn State….we aren't Notre Dame….that's what's this guy doesn't get

  9. As a Buckeye fan, I have a good amount of respect for the PSU program and their fan base. I'm looking forward to a great game Saturday. Go Buckeyes!

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