32 thoughts on “Tiktok’s that radiate the same energy as vine part 11

  1. Am I early? Wow. I love these by the way. You are doing great! Have a nice day stranger. 💜

    Edit:A heart!? Thanks!
    Edit: Wait it disappeared.

  2. Doors or cabinets: open because of wind or it doesn’t have something to fully close it

    Kids in middles school: (⚆ ͜ʖ⚆)

  3. 4:39

    Beech beech beech dont you fookin dare not pleyin wit that accuaaly I’m leteryy a cheld of jezuz don’t you eva do dat again leterlly don’t you what the fok was dat

    I really connect to this song, it’s truly heartbreaking 💔

  4. the guy with the barbecue sauce's drains probably died.

    this is for the people who just lost someone, your best friend, your baby, your man or your lady…

    man/woman's drains


  5. 00:1 When you die in Minecraft from illigers and you come back to get your stuff so you wait for them to go away a little. Then you snatch up your stuff and RUN.

    IDK if this ever happened to anyone else but it happened to me today…

  6. Why was that ugly ass dumbass making fun of people's names i bet if he had a funny stupid name he wouldn't want people to make fun of his name people are proud of their names that just makes them feel stupid about themselves

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