the big rich tiktok forex man responded to my video on him…
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  1. jack n3vill_ says:

    #1 trending on gaming noice

  2. wilian 8blocker says:


  3. MY N4M3 IS J3FF says:

    this man… oh my is a massive Flexer

    also, where is that diss track on HarryBR?

  4. MindedPengoon says:

    Memeulous has to sell kevin for the money

  5. Yassen Rossen says:

    Aaah, love me some respond videos

  6. Zaneh says:

    No1 on trending

  7. Isaac Radeka says:

    video idea: review the strangest shit i've ever seen on youtube; the "Zero ghost" youtube channel

  8. Rosilina The dragon says:

    ORDER 66!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Squidnortty says:

    omg pls can u colab with daz

  10. XWhippZ PlayzX says:

    He’s not rich that’s Monopoly money and all the stuff he’s showing is his friends stuff

  11. Duck Duck says:

    Happy halloween

  12. Amber246 says:

    Cuss me it doesn’t matter but bring minecraft into it

    Your dead😂

  13. Itz E0N says:

    #1 trending for gaming congtats

  14. Ruby says:

    ok at first i though this man was just bad
    but 4:00
    if i could i would have called the gamer police on him for bypassing rule 69 of chapter 15
    never call nostalgic and good music horrific on a video

  15. marcimarc 51 says:

    I hope that flexer eats soap falls on a piece of poop eats it and his fingers are gone because he gave you the bad finger hope he hurts him self

  16. Arddernog says:

    I had serious cringe moments during that ace family clip. I felt really uncomfortable just hearing him say those things to his daughter. The guy seriously creeps me out.

  17. ViruzArtz - Video Editor says:

    Gameplay game?

  18. Random Person says:

    Memeulous: Craig is the biggest flexer
    Forex man: Hold my euros

  19. Cameron Bhatti says:

    Memeulous : background gaming voice over

    YouTube: No.1 on GaMiNg

  20. Caitlin Gower says:

    Were reacting to a man reacting to a man reacting to a pair of men reacting to a tik tok account

  21. Arctic Wolf says:

    1st on gaming

  22. Derp TheGreat says:

    Dominic Schmidt is coming for George….


  23. BG STS787 says:

    Mark robber?

  24. madapult says:

    yesysysysyysys i love that you support this cause

  25. Edward Brock says:

    68k likes George! keep on going :DD

  26. SpeedS PIx3l says:

    Am not going to school, THAT'S c0ol

  27. Issa The gamer says:

    WE GRT THIS VIDEO TO 100K AND HE TRIPLES IT please pin this memeulous

  28. Amirdex_ TDG says:


  29. Danthefryingpan says:

    To be fair to him the girl he dueted with was 19

  30. the wither crew twc says:

    He doesn't deserve the minecraft music

  31. Dorset Mapper says:

    #1 on gaminggg

  32. Chxby says:

    Candyken is a tiktok flexer expose him

  33. Teymonz says:


  34. Dreamy Carebear says:

    I love how everyone and I mean everyone is getting involved in team trees it’s a great cause and everyone can donate as much as they want even if it’s just a dollar 🙂 ❤️🌳

  35. aliciajodi says:

    Oh my god 😂

  36. Cameron Ballard says:

    It’s genuinely annoys me so much that his brain is too small to understand your jokes😂

  37. Sina M says:

    whats the guys youtube channel lol

  38. 1277TOMCLANCY # says:

    Help meeeeee I am not allowed to spend money, my parents are so strict. I would if I could tho

  39. i like frogs says:

    I chopped down a tree yesterday . Does this make me a bad person ?

  40. I. Hussain says:

    He called Sweden Horrific! Oh no?,

  41. Kahlil Wright says:

    It says #1 on trending for gaming. Maybe you should thank youtube more often in your videos 😂

  42. Yazie says:

    8:35 he just reminds me of an american version of Jeremy Lynch

  43. Celz Snowed says:

    “This music is horrific”

    Is that a personal attack!?!

  44. R G says:

    If you think it costs a dollar to plant a tree you’re an idiot it’s about £2 for 50 seeds so basically they’re just pocketing half of the cash if not more… also why is a millionaire like me beast asking us to donate not his mates or just himself

  45. AsianCurryThug says:

    Whats the game being played at the start?

  46. Saint George says:

    Am I the one who actually thinks this whole 20,000,000 trees thing is bullshit, what do u plan on doing; doubling the oxygen by 5% to increase the size meaning bigger insects bigger predators lurking about, fuck all that shit, leave me with fruit fly's,. kamikazeing at my head

  47. Hussky says:

    Thanks for posting videos It makes my day I'm going through some stuff in life and your videos make my day. Thank you

  48. james franco says:

    thank you for promoting something good george

  49. Saint George says:

    The guy last looks like that guy who bullys security guards abit too much

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