the big rich tiktok forex man responded to my video on him…
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  1. ok at first i though this man was just bad
    but 4:00
    if i could i would have called the gamer police on him for bypassing rule 69 of chapter 15
    never call nostalgic and good music horrific on a video

  2. I hope that flexer eats soap falls on a piece of poop eats it and his fingers are gone because he gave you the bad finger hope he hurts him self

  3. I had serious cringe moments during that ace family clip. I felt really uncomfortable just hearing him say those things to his daughter. The guy seriously creeps me out.

  4. I love how everyone and I mean everyone is getting involved in team trees it’s a great cause and everyone can donate as much as they want even if it’s just a dollar 🙂 ❤️🌳

  5. If you think it costs a dollar to plant a tree you’re an idiot it’s about £2 for 50 seeds so basically they’re just pocketing half of the cash if not more… also why is a millionaire like me beast asking us to donate not his mates or just himself

  6. Am I the one who actually thinks this whole 20,000,000 trees thing is bullshit, what do u plan on doing; doubling the oxygen by 5% to increase the size meaning bigger insects bigger predators lurking about, fuck all that shit, leave me with fruit fly's,. kamikazeing at my head

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