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Who needs friends, tiktoks are love, tiktoks are life
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  1. Consider Your WeAvE sNatChEd says:

    That's an alpaca not a llama.

    HoW manY TiMes dO I Have To sAy tHat!?-

  2. Baby A says:

    12:20 I would’ve hoped out that car

  3. Zachary Ward says:

    And i can put it in a bun

  4. arely arellano says:

    Damn i need to do thet to my inhaler

  5. ShiaEditz says:

    Next caption ticks tocks that can identify ur gender

  6. min says:

    5:37 tf did i laugh so hard at this for

  7. its Jeniya says:

    Why did I know this would happen…. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  8. Aliana Lopez says:

    At 9:00 the age is accurate,the moms laptop is accurate,and then……nvm

  9. qoldencrowns says:

    My friend: my sister gets 20 dollars a week and I get 5
    Me: you get paid

  10. Popuruw says:

    R E B E C C A

  11. Aiko Jeko says:

    8:06 Um excuse me

  12. のダッシュHoney says:

    The middle child one is so ture

  13. Disastrous Movies says:


  14. TurtleXgamer66 783 says:

    8:30 out of context is really weird

  15. Charlotte_Sparkle 458 says:

    Omg at 6:08 it was so cute how he (or she) was like "oh I'm so sorry I didn't mean it are you OK?"

  16. Nicole McInerney says:

    Respect the drip Karen👹👹😂😂😂

  17. freskho says:

    Hi22i is from my country 🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷

  18. Reeder Kids says:

    7:44 you aren’t supposed to get their ears wet just FYI it can damage them

  19. Mellissa Graham says:

    T H I S I S C R I N G Y

  20. Charlotte Silverwood says:

    Boys need to stop being mean about girls who love horses!
    they don't know what is going on in there life, and horses make them happy.

  21. FluffyQuartz says:

    6:00 that one fricken spoke to my core. 😭

  22. Brooke Johnston says:

    mario budesco is not that good there i said it

  23. Lisa Farrell says:

    5.03 it was just potatoes….

    I’m Irish

    We ALL understand this

  24. Wolfe Cat says:

    7:02 my last name is gay too

  25. JüîçY ÑúGgët says:

    I am genuinely scared for halloween who knows what monstrosity’s we could imagine

  26. Le Monke says:

    I love the JK Rowling one, imma do that with my friend who likes Harry Potter books

  27. [redacted ] says:

    Okay But KyLE
    It sLipEd inTo mY aSs.

  28. Heey Arnold says:

    I don’t need friends, THEY DISAPPOINT ME.

  29. Avacados & Pirates says:

    I’m Rebecca

    Costco water bottle and all (no kidding I have one of those)

  30. grimsie bear says:

    I really needed this video because right now one of my friends just unfriended me for no reason and my other friend smashed his phone and told me to shut up when I asked if he was okay cause him and his gf broke up. This video is better than friends and if anyone in the comments wants to be my friend then hi I'm open I have none

  31. Melody Verse says:

    Rip Rebecca

  32. GreekGaming/ TL Fam says:


  33. Armita Mansouri says:

    "Oh my gosh rebecca and i ooop" lololo I'm dead

  34. Badi Madi says:

    Yeah, KAREN, respect the DRIP!!

  35. MK Kluesner says:

    lol 5:38 though haha

  36. XxClairz editzxX says:

    The second one was meeee 😂

  37. WeirdGirlWithMusic says:

    7:08 i mean my aunt's name is Gay Stanley, she a local celebrity in oir town cause she does musicals and plays, love ya aunt Gay

  38. Beach Bleach says:

    I'm officially bored

  39. maybaby5647 - ROBLOX says:

    3:36 his voice CHANGEDDDD

  40. Marisol Pepushaj says:

    5:33 lmaooo

  41. isaiah neff says:


  42. Madeline Power says:

    Why was it bad her mom was listening?

  43. Cuti3Littl3Girl says:

    1:48 iM qUaCkInG 😭🤣🤣

  44. jacelynn Hepler says:

    5:55 damn I’m that middle child

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