Who needs friends, tiktoks are love, tiktoks are life
So no one asked for it but heres a Discord server to share tiktoks you found or created with a community! Join through link:


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44 thoughts on “Tiktoks better than friends | TIKTOK COMPILATION

  1. Boys need to stop being mean about girls who love horses!
    they don't know what is going on in there life, and horses make them happy.

  2. I really needed this video because right now one of my friends just unfriended me for no reason and my other friend smashed his phone and told me to shut up when I asked if he was okay cause him and his gf broke up. This video is better than friends and if anyone in the comments wants to be my friend then hi I'm open I have none

  3. 7:08 i mean my aunt's name is Gay Stanley, she a local celebrity in oir town cause she does musicals and plays, love ya aunt Gay

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