27 thoughts on “TikTok Stole My Song!

  1. I find it weird that in order to have the song on their TikTok they must be a fan of the channel and manually uploaded the sound. Yet, as a fan they didn’t credit you???

  2. Sometimes there are legitimate reasons to whine like a bitch.
    Hope you get the credit you are due hoss.🧡😁💜💪❤👌

  3. I run an audio account on tiktok with a pretty good audience of 177k (not crazy by the app’s standards but I’m proud of it) and I have some great relationships with artists because I properly credit people. Use the song and artist in the hashtags, cite them in the sound tag, and @ their own account if they have one and you’re all set. It’s not hard and could ultimately really help the original creator.

    While I have had a bunch of sponsorship opportunities I think it’s completely unethical to personally gain from the account. It’s so crazy to me that some audio accounts do accept sponsored posts on content that they themselves have not produced.

    I’m really sorry you had this experience.

  4. I made fanart for a TV show that went viral on twitter and reddit to the point where even the creators and the cast saw it. It's been floating around and no one gave me credit once. It sucks :/

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