TikTok SONGS That Are Stuck In My Head pt.2

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  1. Rai J says:


    Just wanna save these

  2. HolyCrapILoveBagels says:

    4:24 is just so cute I'm-

  3. Mike the star says:

    I got a rap as a ad there still some good things after double ad

  4. spfooky says:

    you put stupid 2 times

  5. Crystal Buchert says:

    Is it bad that I know the lyrics to all these

  6. Madison Maine says:

    6:55 R.I.P headphone users

  7. JaLeCaLa123 says:

    Bruh this is just every TikTok song

  8. NeruKO Chan says:

    5:25 wtf is happening with her legs

  9. Adwar Noisri says:

    1:17 when i see this shit thougt the vid was over lul

  10. LaZeR _LuRa says:

    8:33 SAM, COLBY, COREY, AND JAKE!!!!!!!!!

  11. Claire Brown says:



  12. MPG masterprogaming says:

    Nice video but why are u trying to have us but hentai hoodies and shirts? 1:25

  13. Meesh Mesh says:

    0:26 I'M IN TEARS

  14. No One Important says:

    What's the name of the girl in the green tie at 0:11

  15. Kittymeowmeow510 08 says:

    I can’t stop watching 4:25

  16. Victoria Mathew says:

    I saw Noen so i clicked

  17. InkFlux says:

    My earphones were on full and at the start it blasted my ears omfg

  18. XxConstant AnxietyxX says:

    4:38 Art

  19. tara tarsauce says:

    It's actually the living tombstone not the undead tombstone

  20. Fil the doge says:

    When all of these are stuck in your head and you have no idea what is their names ;')

  21. Veryidiotic says:

    Why aren't we talking abt 8:24 I'm–

  22. Flarityy says:

    This mans effort to get this vid to 10 mins is mad

  23. chicken nug says:

    4:23 OMG MY DADS

  24. JenzieLife Girl says:

    The person that's in the thumbnail (Neon/Oneon/Noen or warevah) is stuck in my head🤣 like seriously I love this dude I swear what the heck is wrong with me?! I'm literally inlove with a person THAT DOESN'T EVEN KNOW I EXIST!!!! like dude dafuq? Are you that dumb?

  25. Zoe Xinopoulos says:

    7:09 i-
    8:33 0///////0

  26. lincc says:


  27. Aanesty says:

    7:12 I would play Roblox with him

  28. NADA_BLINK says:

    6:59 she is a strong mom ..

  29. Vibezzシシalex says:

    Reasons why I don’t want to be a pop star:

    1.tik tok will ruin my songs

    2. I will get a lot of hate

    3. Because tik tok is going to make my songs cringe

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