tiktok ”shut up” trend video compilation 2019

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tiktok ”shut up” trend video compilation 2019

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  1. PurpleMissy says:

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    DANK💜 PurpleMissy Merch💜
    DISCOUNT CODES:. Extra 5% Order Over $49, Code: DANK
    Extra 7% Order Over $79, Code: DANKER
    Extra 10% Order Over $99, Code: DANKEST
    Free Shipping Worldwide on Clothing,on orders over $29!

  2. Campbell Foster says:


  3. Shainha Zeka says:

    Shut upp

  4. peachyjikook says:

    Someone: BTS looks like girls, and also, kpop is called kpoop because it’s gay
    Me and my army friends: shut up

  5. Ahmier George says:

    Kim taehyung

  6. XxBts_ gurlxX says:

    She looks like an anime girl


    KPOP 4 LIFE…

  8. Sienna Pasea says:

    When Americans find school stressful –

    GCSE students , CBSE students the a Asians in whole –

  9. 이윤지 says:

    6:02 ;;?

  10. Leslie Kramer says:

    when people are insecure it really hasnothing to do with whether their insecurity makes sense. The most insecure person in the world could be the most talented. People who are insecure about their better qualities aren't just doing it for attention and shouldn't be treated like they're annoying or like they should just get over it because they have it better. If you're insecure, you're insecure. I love you.

  11. Leslie Kramer says:

    cishet conservative white boys: open their mouths
    me: SHUT UP

  12. •EŁIØ-PEACH• says:

    0:13 relatable

  13. 레아ᄋ나드 says:


  14. Díñğùś says:

    Me when I see people from tiktok using the wrong their, your, etc:
    Shut up

  15. Mxlky✰︎ says:

    2:06 Wowie you have some really big……….eyes?

  16. Kristina Lavazarian says:


  17. Sarah McCoy says:

    Tbh, I don’t think these people realize that even when you are pretty or skinny, you can still feel incredibly self conscious and ugly. I don’t suffer from this too much, but I get really put down when I think about being skinnier than I am already (which would be really skinny) or thinking about just being prettier in general. I understand what they are trying to say, “Don’t call yourself ugly, you’re not” but they should have thought it through a little bit more. Thank you for reading my excessively long rant, and have a happy thanksgiving.

  18. Chloe Terry-Lloyd says:

    i liked the part where it said "shut up" idk i just really felt that ya know

  19. Sarah Friend says:

    oMg I was the 1,000 viewer I feel SPECIAL

  20. Julia DZ says:

    Me seeing the ones that say to everyone who thinks there ugly and I’m like B make me shut up lol I’m fugly

  21. pinhead larry says:

    4:15 that girl looks so good in those luscious eyelashes my fat pinhead will never look good in those😢😔

  22. Car vroom vroom mf says:

    2:06 yo its tsunade irl

  23. Luis Prado says:

    6:49 I dont't think im ugly

    I KNOW im ugly!!

  24. *_Just-Basiic_* says:

    Early!,!! 😀

  25. SkylarPlays says:

    The 2:06 has big coconut 😂😂😂 as if she got surgey on it -.-
    Cause they aint natural

  26. Fluff Draws says:

    3:30 I have the same problem as him (my cheeks are always super rosy and they look weird for some odd reason sksks). I'm not sure if it's some weird condition but wherever I go people are like "your blushing" or "are you sick? your cheeks are rosy." and it's just like…
    yeah, like they always are.

  27. huwayda says:

    why is everyone so cute- cries in bi

  28. amanda says:

    Dispatch and haters: blah blah saying and lying.

    Me and kpop fan: ShUt uP!

  29. Jaime Mcknight says:

    When a teacher roasts a student

    But the student roasts back

    T~ shut up

  30. Kᴀʏʟᴇɴ᪥ ಭ says:

    Early I guess

  31. Aden Taylor says:

    I’m not that late. ….🙄😅

  32. Cadence Lewis says:

    I honestly dont know what to say

    except this is a good competition

  33. LeenaG says:

    Shut up

  34. Sherly Hyppolite says:

    2:06 Now we ain't gonna act like those are natural baby girl no just no

  35. reddish says:

    when it says 15 minutes ago

    earlyy 🤪

  36. Sophia The Great says:

    Sixth comment live this trend

  37. Joelma Silva says:

    Love tou😍😍😍😍😍

  38. Valentina Caballero says:


  39. Taetae is amazing And bts says:


  40. Naomi Parsons says:


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