TikTok reverses ban on video showing teen criticizing China’s mass detention of minority Muslims

The Chinese-owned video app said it would review its policies and blamed “human moderation error” after a 17-year-old who denounced Chinese detention camps was locked out of her account.

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source: https://goindocal.com/

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  1. z w says:

    Google bans comments criticize HK violence.

  2. David sew says:

    How the heck can a 17 year old know that they are being 'murdered and raped' there?

  3. Taj Rey says:

    America is dealing with the same issue and there illegal immigration camps or what ever you want to call them.

  4. Angel Hannah says:

    I just watched that tiktok and now it’s on the news 😶

  5. xin van says:

    the truth will remain invisible in the west,but who care?another funny young girl've just watch a propaganda and brainlessly believed it.
    that's why christian sucks,lol

  6. yivan wang says:

    I don't know why you have so many prejudices about China. Do you think what you see on social media is the real China? Doesn't screenshot video exist?? Only if you have ever been here can you be qualified to direct China. At the very least, the Chinese people in my neighborhood hate tiktok, and our government has criticized tiktok,which is not controlled by our government.

  7. nevi phillips says:

    America needs to block tik-Tok this is a perfect example of China trying to silence there own ppl and now her by blocking her account taking it down and denying do so until this go a lot of attention then China had no choice but to in block her account

  8. Denzo D says:

    The belligerent bullying and repressive totalitarian communist China should be stopped in its reneging its hand-over of Hong Kong treaty with the United Kingdom, threatening Taiwan with military invasion, illegally claiming sovereignty over 90% of the South China Sea and its strong-arming of its smaller neighbors into submission. It's time that Western powers, together with their Asian allies, stop this blatant abuse of communist Chinese military power (in threatening its neighbors and encroaching on other countries' EEZ in the South and East China seas) thru diplomacy and censuring at the UN, economic sanctions, and (if necessary) thru military force.

  9. Zen Hobbit says:

    The problem with Islamic society is that they will never raise their voice for what's happening to minorities in Pakistan Syria Iraq. I doubt her genuine concern, she's just like another Muslim fanatic not happy Islamic hegemonic ideologies unable to succeed in China.

  10. Anastasia Zoldak says:

    China is doing the SAME to Christians, other religions and to the Hong Kong Democracy protestors! It’s what communist countries DO

  11. Zhuang Wen Sun says:

    Talk about why 911, mass shooting and suicide bombing in your country then ? How about that ???

  12. Psychedelic Lizard says:

    Republicans don't care about Chinese abuses on innocent people, they only care about stopping the Communist abuses on innocent people. If China went capitalist I doubt Conservatives would care about the human abuses, they'd ignore them just like they ignore the crimes against humanity that Saudi Arabia has committed, even against our own citizens.

  13. GreenTools NYC says:

    Shes hot

  14. UniverseStars Stars says:

    Let’s all post this on Tik Tok

  15. Mike Perkins says:

    The religious are an obtuse lot.

  16. Cierra Den says:

    may Allah bless her🇵🇰🇹🇷🇦🇫

  17. zakkrick says:

    United States killed native America too

  18. Worldman says:

    Boycott Tiktok. No more knocking on my door!

  19. 8KO says:

    Give this 17 yr old $1000 and she will say whatever you want..old trick as usual.

  20. I Pan says:

    China's mass detention of minority Muslims

  21. JC says:

    Please ban this app from our App stores already. Remember the Trojan Horse?

  22. Anon Anon says:

    china knows how to deal with pisslamic ideology

  23. Citlalie says:

    They kept her video tho…

  24. Xander R says:

    tiktok is owned by a chinese company, and all companies in china have to answer to the Beijing government. do the math everyone

  25. Xavier VEGA says:

    🔥 USA 🇺🇸 keeps kids 🧒🏽 in detention camps. Strip families away and sexual abuse immigrant children..FACTS 💯 % GOOGLE it!!
    it's not a secret…

  26. Hail King Devin says:

    China CCP evil . Ok

  27. mountopian 1 says:

    Fake news.

  28. Annah says:

    China held down their own women and forced them to abort their children. Should we be shocked to see this kind of evil coming from China? They killed their own and most helpless. Nobody else stands a chance.

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