30 thoughts on “Tiktok POVs (boy version)

  1. The first is so true, that’s why I don’t have a bf because I like BTS and other k-pop groups but I don’t care😭🤣

  2. lmao im a fucking kpop stan too but why is y’all offended by the first one?? Stop being a weak bitch and get over with it

  3. Wath is the fucking problem for loving BTS?Oh its bc they are"gay" let me tell you they are not i know them for 2yrs so shut up haters!❤️💫🤣💜A.R.M.Y for life💜

  4. I'm an army, and I'm not offended by the first one. While everyone is talking about that one, I'm still thinking about how no one I talking about that cute baby monkey🤗

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