TikTok on the clock but the memes never stop 🤠


  1. Chicken Leg says:

    0:56 is anyone else gonna question that??

    No? Just me..


  2. Профи Влад says:

    Big chokey

  3. Daisy fuentes says:

    18:41 what?!!?😂😂

  4. Juicy Lucifer says:

    3:54 the fuck is Mark Wahlberg on?


    Silent Hill? Nice.


    Dayglow? Nice.

  7. Angel Diamond says:

    17:11 who’s that?

  8. Shelly ́s overdose says:

    6:48 and what if that was an ultramassive just like ton 618 and it was swallowing the earth but not in the midle of earth but like standing in front of the earth in our solar system….

  9. Hailey Thompson says:

    1:13 song please

  10. Emo Emily says:

    4:33 I mean Who doesn’t want a softie who listens to the old Justin Bieber

  11. Magdaléna Šmídová says:

    17:38 What are the earrings made out of? XD

  12. Silverpelt360 - Viewer, not Creator says:

    Anyone know the audio/song from the glow stick joke at 9:25?

  13. that_pac12 says:

    There always has to be some stupid ass transphobic meme in here. Is it so hard to just fucking not?

  14. Xar Xi says:

    19:23 hFhFfHfHfFhHf iM cHOKING

  15. lloyd calicoy says:

    Song at 2:00 ???

  16. Tango Blaze says:

    0:49 better watch out for imallexx

  17. Bentley Rogers says:

    1:07 song??

  18. Make memes in my comments so I’m popular Please says:

    Alexa ain’t no body tell you to start Turning into a ghost laughing
    17:13 country boy I love yoouuuu

  19. Charles Hairston says:

    ok so I was watching this ad about hoodies and stuff and the place was at an airport and the first hoodie it showes is called the bomer jacket

  20. Seung says:

    15:54 has this man ever read a post-middle school level biology book

  21. Kaelan Lovett says:

    8:18 he hasn't unlocked that road yet

  22. I’m a scary monster says:

    Fuck the tik tik at 15:54 that says there’s only two genders

  23. i dont make videos but i make p l a y l i s t s says:

    Are fidget spinners back in style?

  24. Mark Smith says:

    0:53 song?

  25. Aleia says:

    17:12 who is that tho

  26. Hunter Hurst says:



  27. Craig Greg shall fall says:

    8:28 MY QUEEN!

  28. Zane Bates says:

    What if because we don't know what is inside a black hole is because we have never been into one. "Matter is not created or destroyed, but transformed." So what if you go in a black hole you transform?

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