TikTok Memes to watch instead of sleeping 😴


  1. Talon Redelk says:

    11:54 some heavy ass plolice sirens went by by house an I couldn't tell if it was this or rl

  2. The Best Tic Tok Compilations says:


  3. dustyb58 says:

    we have the worst music we've ever had and the worst entertainment we've ever had but at least anyone can fucking do it

  4. Tonya Leipard says:

    I fell asleep halfway thru the video

  5. Lincon Medlock says:

    5:25 I've missed this man so much

  6. ACE Throop says:

    watching this instead of sleeping is exactly what im doing #10:28 pm

  7. Zachary Williams says:

    I am depression

  8. LupaTheFujoshi shipper on duty! says:


  9. 2d is better than 3d says:

    we all thought 8:00 would be something else than it was

  10. Yoongles cute says:

    I hate my generation

  11. Gacha Guru says:

    03:04 rlly making fun of Greta thunberg? To be honest I know it's 4 fun but it's kinda rude

  12. Funny Fails says:

    sub to me and i sub to you?? 🙂

  13. whitegenesys 9 says:

    11:54 music ?

  14. TheKRAZYKID195 says:

    19:51 Tik Tok really is somthing else
    Don’t care what he did, God’a show love yo my man

  15. Amazing Talented says:


  16. Артём Филенко says:

    9:31 lmao

  17. Bran says:

    At 4:40 the hell is that?

  18. Dragoncello says:

    6:27 meme song?

  19. No Name says:

    19:36 song?

  20. Katz Wayz says:

    3:44 omg that was on my birthday OMFGFFFGGAHAHHhh

  21. Woolfy -chan says:

    Same brooo

  22. Bey Tek says:

    It’s 4 am rn.

    Like if u be sleppin

  23. Dank Weeb Lord 69 says:

    19:22 wai wai wait you kinda cute tho
    im dead xD

  24. Jordan says:

    10:13 what's that song please ?

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