TikTok memes to make you XD


TikTok memes to make you XD

big boi meme clothes:

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Enjoy my ironic TIK TOK memes compilation everyone UwU 🙂

source: https://goindocal.com/

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40 Responses

  1. Tik Tok US - UK says:


  2. Zee _ says:

    Why do people waste so much time on this ?

  3. Night Wolf says:

    6:51 wtf

  4. Adam says:

    3:00 i need the song 😀

  5. Nesquick UwU says:


  6. Abby says:

    It's 3am and I cannot stop laughing at 21:11

  7. 지민박 says:

    lmao whats that one at like 15:04 or something lol (i want the song lol)

  8. Oranged says:

    20:38 an intellectual made that tiktok he didn't call them both Androids, ANDROID ISNT ATYPE OF PHONE, ITS AN OPERATING SYSTEM IF YOU CALL A PHONE ANDROID YOU ARE A MORON. Thank you for listening to my TED talk.

  9. Magick says:

    16:58 I don't understand

  10. The master chief 453 says:

    At 8:28 if sounds like one of the monsters in Pacific Rim

  11. MMB 2019 says:

    Wellcome My Channel

  12. Zealous Being01 says:

    4:12 is legit the most awesome thing i've seen on tik tok and 8:12 is so badass! I've always wanted to do pen spinning to that extent. 16:41, glad i know this now.

  13. •pastel cat• says:

    OK I know v-sause is a trend but it's also my nickname XD

  14. Ashby C says:


  15. Smol memelord says:

    Guys these horns in the sky lowkey scared me, I am crying, I have a cold and my emotions are all over the fucking continent.

  16. Landuckie Gaming says:

    the first one though was fucking funny

  17. uncletigger says:

    When my brother took too long in the shower, I used go to the gym to use their shower, and on the way out the front gate of the section, turn our houses water off at the mains.

    He would have to get out of the shower, dress, and walk down to turn it on.
    Super effective.

  18. AsherTheMag March says:

    can you put my tictocs on its AsherTheMag

  19. Blondieboy says:

    yooo that pen one was actually fucking insane

  20. weeb man says:

    8:28 when you leave cave noises on in minecraft

  21. llama rider9392 says:

    8:22 what were those things they were spinning around

  22. lauren ludricks says:

    rusty.fawkes is my fav

  23. Katie Skellington says:

    3:22 is actually an optical illusion due to the vehicle traveling at the same relative speed as the plane because of distance and height 😂😂😂😂 .

  24. Oh Bish says:

    22:55 made me sad 😂😭🤦🏻‍♀️

  25. band 4 life says:

    21:50 me at school

  26. Rrek says:

    0:21 this made me laugh way too hard

  27. lilbitchanair parow says:

    15:13 im a bird sorry i can't enjoy the sun because I'm working for the government

  28. XxxUnwantedx LoserxxX says:

    Cranberry juice is for yo ladies c00chie m8.

  29. Juicy Lucifer says:

    Everybody lost against 20:22

  30. PhSyChOgAmEr101 _ says:


    Teacher: "today we will be debating what the best phone is"

    Me: Pulls out my iPhone 4 and throws it at the wall and says "I think mine has the best durability I've made at least 7 dents in my walls without a single scratch"

    and then continues to smash it on my desk until it breaks because it sucks and I don't want it or use it.

    Me actually: Does nothing because I'm 13 and don't go to school instead I'm home everyday being "Homeschooled" when really all I do is play video games all day every day. (But I'm still one of the smartest kids in the high school I was going to)

  31. João Moreira says:

    20:45 where can I find that cover? lmao

  32. Cosmic Slacker says:

    8:42 might be one of my favorites

  33. Syphon says:

    le monke

  34. The Casual Gamer says:

    Song at 17:03 ?

  35. Landon Sempia says:

    That plane staying still is lagg

  36. hi there says:

    Lowkey looks like Hanta Sero from My Hero Academia

  37. ArcticFoxGameplayAndModdels says:


  38. AssassinAkbar says:

    Finally some good tik toks

  39. Oddly Fun says:

    Hey you there scrolling down!

    Have a nice day!

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