TikTok memes to make you AYY LMAO XD 😂


  1. Rock Lee says:

    14:11 Yo Dominos programmed their DRU delivery bot to thank people. I wonder how complex it is to teach an AI manners.

  2. Candy_ Skies says:

    3:48 why u gotta do the school like that tho? XD

  3. mike hunt says:

    What's with the moon rovers

  4. anthony6871 says:

    9:15 i thought he was gonna make a tall joke.

  5. Josie Quick says:

    Why did the guy during the 18:37 one look like George Salazar from Be More Chill?

  6. Mango Mango says:

    Literally no one:
    Kris Kardashian at the end of Thank u Next: ThAnk U NExt BiSh

  7. Nina Leyson says:

    1:45 in your head when a cockroach flys

  8. Seiren says:

    6:50 why are you constantly screaming

  9. dDAsa says:

    17:21 incorrect the horizontal component of velocity is in fact u*cos(theta), while the initial vertical component of velocity is u*sin(theta). Furthermore, in the force vector 'mg', which is mass times gravity, m is not 9.8ms^-1, m is the mass of the projectile, while gravity is actually -9.8ms^-2, as it is acceleration, not a velocity. It seems like the only thing right about this diagram is the statement that the vertical component of velocity is 0ms^-1 at maximum height. 1/5. See me after school.

  10. Fadi Jareb says:

    17:40 Dumb Lesbians

  11. Rick and morty 09 says:

    I gave an egg to my dog he dropped it on the carpet pick it back up drop it again a cracked a little

  12. Haley Barlow says:


  13. Autumn Poché says:


  14. Dawny Phantom says:

    That last one put like no effort in lmao

  15. Yvng Wxvy Jacob says:

    who else noticed chandler

  16. Boomer Bills says:

    2:44 it’s his baby now

  17. Quacxs Lol says:

    21:18 lol if your Brayden

  18. thekxngx says:

    WHAT SONG IS THIS?? 0:51

  19. Kerem says:

    1:36 😂😂😂😂😂😂👌

  20. WikoTheCuber says:

    Tik toks that stole my garlic bread 😡 😤

  21. Mr. Man says:

    21:48 he looks like captain America.

    Chris Evans

  22. ICrxushy Gaming says:

    21:30 yo I’m fucked that’s my name

  23. The man The myth says:

    24:07 bruh

  24. Eh Kler says:

    0:51 whats the name of that song?

  25. Jason Mamaat says:

    Almost threw up at 5:40

  26. INFA -RED says:

    Confirming cute girls in thumbnail = auto click

  27. Caroline Frearson says:

    At 3:24 there is Michael Jackson lol 💀

  28. Angela bc says:

    Does anyone know the first song?

  29. Mashernite Games says:

    “so i immediately did what any reasonable person would do,”
    “I cRaShEd ThE cAr…”


  30. Valorah says:

    17:04 I think he's pretty cute,

  31. Yup that’s me • says:

    25:18 CUT IT OUTT 😂

  32. Lil Alolicea says:

    They're adorable 17:49

  33. pickle dust says:

    9:36 real af

  34. getting 100 subscribers challenge says:

    i just saw my fox in my minecraft named mr foxy he just sits there till he wait for me and last opened 3 year what a hero

  35. Random J says:

    20:30 I don’t get that one about the dad watching frozen for the first time? Can somebody explain?

  36. Lively Duaa says:


  37. Nee Hey Kayla says:

    15:14 can someone link me that Tik tok please?

  38. Moomer says:

    Ok boomer

  39. Honey says:

    19:53 I know it's meant to be funny but…um…yeah, no.

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