TikTok memes that will live on for generations 😇

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  1. Forleb says:

    19:11 cute ngl

  2. ALEX R. says:

    14:29 Just a reminder of a new crush.



  4. Mesidg says:

    17:42 is the real tea

  5. fizz says:

    shark puppet may not be funny but its definitely original no joke

  6. MusicWhovian56123 says:

    These weren't very good

  7. 톰슨석공 says:

    tik tok is the evolution of stage 4 cancer to stage 100 cancer

  8. Sasha Blandelli says:

    6:11 only real gamers can have that kind of pinky strength (not really)

  9. Vyskel Studios says:

    Love your channel, really love it, but you seriously need to give credit to the creators in the videos you post.

  10. Jordon Perry says:

    9:18 …would it be weird if this is relatable…? it is for me tbh (dont worry im just a fellow furry)

  11. 0004107 Bemidji says:

    Tiktok kinda shit ngl

  12. I Am oxPierceTheVeil says:

    Captains Log Date 2019 There Seems To Be No Sign Of Intelligent Life Anywhere.

  13. Kairi Chaparro25 says:

    6:54 lol

  14. Draxiouss says:


  15. Cla Massare says:

    Why does Curtis Lepore still exist ?…

  16. Cla Massare says:

    shark spits half eaten beef onto dead cow
    ♧•WaNnA kNoW who this *~CUTE*♡♡ sHarK iS ?☆

  17. YouGotta KillYourMind says:

    i hate the shark puppet am i the only one

  18. Christopher Atkins says:

    Wait was that Geordie LaForge?

  19. d says:

    fuck shark puppet

  20. FLUFFYHEAD Dog says:

    Anyone know song at 4:51????

  21. Skye Scott says:

    To to sleep everyone.

  22. Shelby Lane says:

    11:11 is my grandpa on that billboard wtf who did this

  23. Arden Murphy says:

    the shark puppet is soooooo annoying I hate him

  24. Some random Soviet dude says:

    I hate when teachers do this their like “go back and walk” and I’m like “beatch I got a damn class to go to”

  25. Vhalkin says:

    Why does every 1 of these comps have 1 entry that's just a cute girl kind-of dancing? Talking about 12:40 in this one, but every single 1 of these comps has it

  26. Bgam3s says:

    6:45 why did yPu do that

  27. Asten Gaming says:

    14:59 me when my maths teacher sets me homework and asks for method

  28. Jacklyn Watts says:

    0:11 I am that cat. Enough said.

  29. Aquaswan says:

    25:26 you lucky fucKS close AT *9*!?!?!?!?! We close at 10!
    some bullshit.

  30. Chris Livengood says:

    Who is the dude at 4:13? Another new TickTock come up?

  31. {ɆⱤⱤØⱤ User not ready} says:

    Watch your mouth…OR I EAT YA ASS

  32. Pika Pika pikachu! My love pikachu says:

    JAMES MADISON!! Anyone listen to Hamilton?

  33. Yunona Betty says:

    0:11 lel gud cat XDD

  34. VittoTheBuritto says:

    22:13 haha

  35. Spiretwalker EH says:

    What is that song called at 4:15 anybody?

  36. Emilia Paton says:

    I don't get how some person doing Junko Enoshima sprite poses is a meme?

  37. 0permzy0 says:

    0:30 name of song

  38. 「」 Scorpion 「」 / N I M S says:

    16:26 song?

  39. sans ? says:

    0:14 thats one high tech cat XD

  40. Lord_ Lucifer says:

    6:05 was the most alpha thing I've seen in my life🤣

  41. Bernidetta Johnson says:

    After this I know the worst thing popular thing is the ah** face

  42. Prickly Cheese says:

    There was a aquapark.io ad and it said 21th

  43. Justice Mccool says:

    Stop putting e-girls in here they are not funny

  44. Devan Cabatican says:

    Nice chest tattoo on the thumbnail

  45. Josuke Higashikata says:

    4:00 that sugar daddy joke made me rethink me watching JJBA all over again

  46. Computer Face says:

    the two that kind of made me laugh, the 2nd one just because theres this big full grown black guy with mini dragon wings saying 'lick me up im sweet'

  47. Dont Judge Me Pleade says:

    Just leave Robert Frost alone ;-;

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