TikTok MEMES that remind me of vine v3

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  1. rusminah sarbini says:

    Never trust a doctor in Russia he will give you a pill and say this is good and this is what actually happened 07:52 you will evolve every day

  2. natalie nosenzo says:

    Ok I'm questioning how the guy caught the frickin fly

  3. Elhuntador 0125 says:

    ???:*opens closet door*

    ????: where am me

  4. Jack Davis says:

    9:13 is pissing?

  5. Juliet Jarman says:

    0:27 I literally laughed so hard at this

  6. David says:

    Heres a quick tip on how to make your dog grow fast!
    TIP 1: 9:04

  7. Alex Bob 1 says:


  8. Rubatron Star says:

    First squidward dabbed,
    Now he hit the woah.

    what has the world come to?

  9. Exodia’s left foot’s pinkie toenail Bird says:

    2:34 he stole that from game grumps

  10. Ruth Ellis says:

    9:05 are you ok why you pee so much

  11. Kpal Kevin Plays says:

    1:20 too 1:24 avengers you found the chosen one

  12. Kill me ples says:


  13. Pvt. Yusuflad says:

    This is what happens when you don’t respect whamen
    Pewdiepie: 5:11

  14. Gavin Anderson NPE says:

    3:52 how the hell did you manage to do that

  15. Lukas Shannon says:

    8:28 I called that he was going To punch the screen LOL’s

  16. Lottie Mitchell says:

    8:46 he was so fast he disappeared dog #vapenation

  17. Meghan Harnisch says:

    Tal is a legend! xD

  18. Connor Downing says:

    3:49 How’d they do that!

  19. NeighbourhoodEmo says:

    I'll leave a replay button, don't worry






  20. Dianne Ocain says:

    Watching reaction time
    finds video
    first tik tok is tal

  21. Lucas Santoyo says:

    is anyone gonna talk about he master peace at 1:47

  22. Tiffany Retzloff says:

    Donald Duck is my fav

  23. Yt Bacon says:

    My name is literally Jeremy and when he said you mom gay me:B****H WHAT YOU SAY

  24. Elden Armstrong says:

    The Donald Duck or whoever that was meme was funny because the end of it and calling clefairy pikachu

  25. XxbrettmacexX XxbrettmacexX says:

    3:21 boi I'd bungii jump wit u

  26. Jayden King says:

    3:03 Lmao😂😂

  27. slxsh slxsh gaming says:

    1:52 when my mom is watching stranger things without me

  28. Romeo Kootenay says:

    Me at 8:00 👿👻

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