TikTok knot Tutorial (simple)


  1. Desirae Aguirre says:

    Omg thx I did it 😌🤚🏽😎

  2. Anna Wieczorek says:

    Can you tell me how you do this without throwing up..

  3. Natalie Awadallah says:

    who else didn’t get it and then gagged

  4. izzy ruby says:

    okay what happened in the beginning

  5. uwu says:


  6. Johnpaul Vids says:

    These directions are shit

  7. Lenna Garcia says:

    i made a other video with better instructions

  8. Buttercup Playss says:

    Please make a different video I don’t understand :((( my cord is all wet mkw

  9. _positive_ Laverne_ says:

    I didn't help at all sorry

  10. Elizabeth Jones says:

    This made absolutely no since

  11. Gianna LaRocca says:

    directions unclear my tounge is now my earbuds

  12. Emily Miedema says:

    Is that an acctually a fight or are they joking

  13. Kayleigh Meehan says:

    I did it thx ❤️

  14. Mckenzie Pratt says:

    Instructions unclear my tongue is now a knot

  15. Keira Rodgerz says:

    Please make another video on this i don’t understand:(

  16. Maddy Lucas says:


  17. Jannah Leach says:


  18. Brayan Rodriguez says:

    youre gay

  19. BraceFace. Dani says:

    This made no sense

  20. Natalia Byrd says:

    Go work keep doing what your doing boi🗿!!!

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