TikTok: Is The Popular App A Threat To National Security? | TODAY

It’s extremely popular with tweens and teens, but now some are raising the possibility that the app, that enables users to post short videos, could be a threat to national security, due to its Chinese ownership. NBC chief White House correspondent Hallie Jackson reports for TODAY.
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TikTok: Is The Popular App A Threat To National Security? | TODAY

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  1. Irl Keroppi says:

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  2. esther says:


  3. Jasmine cox says:

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  4. Samantha Wargo says:

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  5. Ibrahim younis says:

    Ok we risk giving personal sensitive information to apps like messenger Amazon facebook and they are all U.S made

  6. Polkadot Pictures says:

    Woah! They just noticed that tiktok= sadness?!

  7. Nitroplus Blasterz says:

    ok boomer

  8. Ace Hardy says:

    Good stuff fam 🔥💯

  9. Latina girl gacha lover I love mai dog says:

    I have Tik Tok and I can’t delete anything 😰 ima quit it

  10. Ugly 13 Year Old says:

    I don't own it

  11. Audrey Leshawna says:

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  12. Berry Nice says:


  13. Tracey Lucas says:

    O K B O O M E R

  14. Nizar LOL says:

    it has account privacy stupid this is why nobody likes the news

  15. Chris Bam says:

    This is why I never got tik tok in the first place

  16. faith imani says:

    the seven year olds commenting im-

  17. kvlogs young says:

    I use tiktok everyday 🤦🏾‍♀️😭😭😭 I WILL KEEP TIK TOK ALIVE

  18. Gabrielle Center says:

    My Sister was a tik tok user, she was complaining last night. If that stupid government thing never exist, then my sister would be quiet. Thanks a lot you stupid government people, you made my big sister complain at me for it! 😲 To those who use TikTok, I'm sorry to hear that. Sometime life is not fair. ☹😔

  19. Liliana Grande says:


  20. frostytea xoxo says:


  21. Tony Ofarrell says:

    American gone totally paranoid ,worse if Trump got a hold of it

  22. Mr rat clown says:

    TikTok:*has a lot of teenagers*
    TikTok One year ago:This app is made for kids

  23. Leila parisi says:

    Tbh… I don’t really care 😂

  24. rileys eggos says:

    R I S E A N D S H I N E

  25. Joseph Kesler says:

    I like how they just casually claim russia got trump elected like its a fact. SMH MSM

  26. Andy Lee says:

    That's unfair man

  27. Ace Hardy says:


  28. Jaylanie Santiago says:

    My account is private

  29. Lovely Amelia says:

    thats why i got phone calls from unknown people often after i deleted tik tok

  30. lydia mc says:

    ok boomer

  31. 1000 Subs Without Any Content CHALLENGE says:

    RisE aNd sHiNe

  32. Daza Sisters says:

    welp me having a tic tok account that i don't even use lol so informational tho

  33. Clementines Filming says:

    The news: this is a dangerous app

    Tiktok: settings account privacy

  34. Vivi Lupercio says:

    Wow shocked 😮

  35. Gamingwithcrystal says:


  36. 1 mouth ago says:

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