39 thoughts on “TikTok Gamer Girl Rusty Fawkes Must Be Stopped | A Compilation

  1. 1:30 have seen this and have been looking for your youtube and know i have found it hmmm i probs will go make some noddles <3

  2. (hesitates starting a verbose comment). so, assume there is a general societal issue and society has decided to fix it. the mainstream society will have supporters and detractors. that's not interesting. what is interesting is how certain subcultures (of which the mainstream are unawares) react. sometimes, the proposed change and the aggrievances necessitating that change are familiar to the subculture, othertimes the ideas themselves are entirely foreign. take gun laws, for example. people exist today, albeit very small in number and power, who need to defend against wild animals (for themselves or animals under their protecc). there are no schools within 100? miles of where they live. their closest neighbor is a 2 hour drive away. if you talk to them about gun control, they will not know wtf you are talking about. now, take for example, gamer nerd weebs. if you tell them that women have no power and they are dominating and oppressing women, they are gonna lose it (low social skills). this girl here, wields the power of king john oom, over these epic gamers. hair-ass-mints in a vidya, if it is just typing stupid shit reflecting the poor social skills of the aggressor, is no hair-ass-mints at all. the same level of autistic rage is inflicted upon themselves, by themselves. the mainstream, having no idea about this subculture, imbues these fedora-tippers with the same assumptions that apply to their privileged lives. some (and recently more than is acceptable) mentally unstable individuals/groups bring out their pitchforks and wooden crosses and they are wrong and should receive just ass-whippings. but what are you gonna do? shame them? they alrdy shame. reject them? alrdy. beat em up. some boolean prolly alrdy. one does not simply walk into this subculture and assume it is ruled by a king. bc every boi who watched this video is a submissive bitch to a queen who dressed up like a character in a game they once played.

  3. Everyday I roll a dice to decide whether to be a white knight of the Internet, a memer or occasionally a toxic cretin.
    Ah Christ a 4!
    White knight it is.

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