Oh what a wonderful rabbit hole I have dived into – the crazy world of tiktok crackheads.

New Clussy Quest next week!

NOTE: When I first uploaded this video, it got blocked in 9 countries cos of copyright 🙄 Anyway, I used the system on YouTube to remove that 7 second audio. once it was done, I’ve noticed that now, at some point in the video, the audio goes all muffled for a while. You can still hear what I’m saying, it’s just muffled. It didn’t do this before using Youtube to remove the offending audio.

TL;DR: YouTube removed copyright audio and in doing so messed up audio for other parts of my video. Thanks, YouTube.





#clussy #tiktok #cringe

source: https://goindocal.com/

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22 thoughts on “TIKTOK CRACKHEADS

  1. It's a good video.
    Your are  so good at editing.
    I love Tiktak so much.
    I hope you watch the ticks on my channel later.I'm glad to be a good friend. thanks for sharing  i done subs  595 /27 plz 😊🔔👍😍

  2. Instead of having the requirement of being 13 or over, they really should change it to at least 20 and under so we don't have to witness the miserable lives of these adults

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