Tiktok China Makeup | Những video trang điểm của Maomama🥳🥳


  1. An Nguyen says:

    Xinh ma còn makeup đẹp nữa

  2. phuong du says:

    What her channel?

  3. Aznerah No says:


  4. Bảo Kim Nguyễn Lê says:

    Its all bc the filter

  5. Hip Hopkicks says:

    Why cant i be look like this?! 😭😭

  6. julia fernandez says:

    Her bare skin is my dream skin

  7. liv mccloskey says:

    I see her serving these looks and I’m living, but what she really needs to drop is her skincare routine cos I’m tryna glow like that 🤤🙂✨

  8. Mi Amoure says:

    yooooou sooooo preeeetty

  9. Hoàng Nguyễn says:

    Ai bt lại kem nền ch này đang dùng ko ạ

  10. Crishelle Gabiana says:

    Could someone tell me what are her background song that she used because damn those were lit. 🔥

  11. AMEZIE FAMILY says:

    She looks like ella gross

  12. Pari Raj says:


  13. Phương Anh Đỗ says:

    Finally…a chinease girl without korean makeup😀

  14. Elaine Kim says:

    what eyeshadow pallet is that? 1:42

  15. Karen Aragon says:

    7:50 just heard bbibbi iu 💕

  16. Yvon yvon says:

    Wish she has a yt channel

  17. Maman Mulyana says:


  18. Kaynat Tk says:

    Omg you look like ashika bhatiya

  19. Megs Chan says:

    2:50 she looks like a bit like liza

  20. 2513박초원 says:

    What's song name?

  21. MadZy BeB says:

    heyy gal gimme ur highlighters !!!

  22. ivy gracielle says:

    Does anyone know her ig username??

  23. Kim Yến says:


  24. Himakshi Deka says:

    What is the song at 03.04?

  25. Olivia L says:

    0.05 and 5.23 song?

  26. Mecah Alforque says:

    Sana oil clear skin hahahahaha

  27. Mecah Alforque says:

    Sana oil clear skin hahahahaha

  28. Just we says:

    I got distracted by the music of the first video (the original song is a masterpiece and this cover is kinda cringe I'm sorry whoever u r singing it ☹️) so i have to watch it again lololol

    Edit: she pretty any knows her instaaa

  29. Daniela Che says:

    6:40 angelique boyer

  30. April Millenia says:

    She has a lil bit of Gigi Hadid in her ❤️

  31. Oanh Nguyễn says:

    Trang điểm làm gì chị ơi ~ hại da, mặt mộc đẹp vậy chỉ cần điểm thêm chút son thôi là đẹp thôi

  32. Claire M says:


  33. Nita S says:

    0:39 background song ?

  34. hyung Jin says:

    finally .a chinese girl not having a straight brows

  35. ĐƯỜNG ẤN says:

    5:07 song

  36. Cristine Lim says:

    I love all the looks! 💚

  37. Cristine Lim says:

    is she half?

  38. Cristine Lim says:

    I really love the highlighter.

  39. Trisha Babiera says:

    I wish i have clear skin like her.

  40. Muliyati Rabbani says:

    She's more beautiful without make up.

  41. Wiki Pia says:

    I think shes a korean not a Chinese

  42. Aren says:

    anyone knows the song at 7:40 ?☹☹

  43. Kanij Shetu says:

    Her name???

  44. jenny rose Yacat says:

    I love her
    Super beautiful inside and out
    From philippines

  45. Lou Rienne says:

    What song is at 2:00

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