We should all respect each other’s opinions and not be so aggressive with our beliefs. Everyone’s opinions and religious beliefs are valid.


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37 thoughts on “Tiktok Attacks Kyler for being Homophobic and Prolife?

  1. I don’t think abortion is right for me but I don’t want to make someone feel bad for what they believe in or decisions that they have made because I don’t know the situation. I feel that he should not have said anything. He isn’t the one with a child in him so he doesn’t have as much pressure in him. Also you can like a gay person, but you can’t like gay people then say that you don’t support them. In my religion I don’t believe that being homosexual is the right thing but I would never be rude or homophobic. Say that you are friends with someone who has alcohol issues. You may like that person but you might not like their decisions. So what he said about gay people is like saying that you like alcoholic people but don’t like their choices.

  2. I understand not supporting homosexuality based on religion because it’s just a part of their religion and that’s fine as long as they aren’t constantly telling gay people “you’re disgusting “ and stuff like that but the rest was wack

  3. How tf is this hate speech? Oh yeah GOD forbid people have opinions that aren’t like yours. Seriously people are just disgusting sometimes, oh yeah we are feminists and feminists support women except if they have different beliefs. Stop jumping on the bandwagon of everything ,read facts and decide for yourself, you “woke” people.

  4. Nothing wrong with pro life just don’t force it on people, like if you support abortion than okay that’s you if you’re pro life then okay that’s you, like who cares if you’re pro life or not like that’s you boo and that needs to be respected whether you support abortion or not like just fucking respect people’s decision don’t force your opinions or beliefs on someone

  5. Abortion is not right. It is never medically necessary. A baby is not a choice. Life begins at fertilization. A new set of DNA is produced. The baby doesn’t have the right to choose. It is not the woman’s body, it is one body that belongs to itself. It is not just a clump of cells. Men can have the right to not support abortion. Planned parenthood is racist and helped human traffickers. They don’t care. People who support abortion don’t care. Abortion is selfish and heartless. Raising a child at a young age or in general is hard. My mom and my sister both had children in high school and didn’t have any financial support and they couldn’t go to college. This is all a fact. This is all written and researched by legitimate sources. I don’t care what other people have to say I won’t respond to ignorance. Know what you are talking about before you speak.

    A message from a woman


  6. Jesus said to love everyone. You can't just go saying that Jesus hates the LGBTQ+ community. We have to love each other if there is to be hope. #Amen

  7. I’m sorry but the people in these comments be dumb as hell “I love gay people but I don’t support them” B R U H
    that’s like saying I support a person but I don’t like the colour of their skin. Your either love them THROUGHLY, GAY AND ALL or you hate them. There’s no if, ands or buts about it. There’s a THIN line between support and hate. You CAN NOT say you love someone and then turn around and hate they’re characteristics. That’s a fact.

  8. y’all dumb asf about the gay one. i don’t support homosexuality because of my religion and i have multiple friends that are gay…i don’t support it though but i treat them like any other person. y’all are fucking weirdos for saying there’s something wrong with not supporting it.

  9. cough cough he said periodt. He has purple hair. Is an e boy. AND SOME HES THE HOMOPHOBIC PROLIFE BASTURD . THINGS IS NOT ADDING UP MY FRIENDS.

  10. I personally don’t support abortion, but I also thought that he didn’t really think the first video trough. I get pretty heated about the subject too because I’m against it, but I also think that talking about it on Tik tok was kind of unnecessary

  11. I honestly think all those poeple here defending this homophobic ignorant twat, calling people who call him out for that – snowflakes

    … You just do that… Cuz you… Find him hot…

  12. i hate people who use jesus and religion as an excuse to be rude and ignorant. love your neighbor? yeah just throw that away ig. i personally know many people who shove their religion in my face and shame people for shit that they do. you can be preaching all this holy shit and ridin dick in the back like there’s no tomorrow

  13. 1. He is VERY closed minded.
    2. He isn't a female who has periods and gets pregnant.
    3. He doesn't know female doctors exist.
    4. He is ONLY sorry because he got a ton of hate/backlash.

  14. Hes also made a recent video recording a girl that looks around 8 or 7 i guess trying to do that flirt thingy when they kinda raise their eyebrows at you….? Doesnt he need the parents consent??

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