TikTok apologizes for blocking teen

Feroza Aziz, a 17-year-old Muslim girl from New Jersey, began racking up millions of views for a political statement about China’s Uighur population disguised as a makeup tutorial on the video-sharing service TikTok. The video was taken down and her account locked, but both were later restored. TikTok apologized and said it has never been asked by the Chinese government to remove any content.

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  1. Simone Eli says:

    Chinese bots in the comments you aren't fooling us

  2. Armstrong Tracker Channel. says:

    Con jobs … she has no idea.

  3. Michael Parrott-MacLeod says:

    YouTube also censors. Question everything people. This is your power. China is just the testing ground for control.

  4. Lil'King O.G. says:

    Oh, CBC is allowing comments on it's videos, when it's convenient for them.

  5. wondereagle says:

    Does anyone even care?

  6. A_Socialist_Channel says:

    Isn’t it funny how people think America is a democracy and we have freedom of speech? It’s nonsense. You’re not free you fool.

  7. Chris Lawrence says:

    Comments are on for this video.. must be part of their narrative..

  8. lolo O says:

    Can we just bann china itself?

  9. Canadian Patriot says:

    How is this news?

  10. barlas barlas says:


  11. John Lee says:

    CBC is becoming an anti China media.

  12. Haida Gwaii Intel says:

    The teenager is American. How is this Canadian news? Anti-Chinese propaganda.

  13. Haida Gwaii Intel says:

    You dont know what a human moderator is? Thats too complex?

  14. Sascha says:

    So are we going to talk about how people who call them selves muslims treating gays this very same way🤷🏽‍♀️

  15. Arabian Lebanonprincess says:

    May God give Muslims victory everywhere.

  16. Arabian Lebanonprincess says:

    Good job she said the truth GOD BLESS HER!!!

  17. Da Reason says:

    1:45 talk about teaching someone to curl their eyelashes turns into something totally cannot help with beauty. What a beauty tip she gave.

  18. Nagato Sarutobi says:

    Wait a Chinese company actually going to admit their wrong doings and stand up for human rights. Well Done! Now let Hong Kong be their own Country and move on!

  19. Charles Chamberlain says:

    CBC usually does not allow comments unless they think it will benefit them

  20. Chosen One says:

    The United States knows lots about camps after WWII they arrested and threw them into camps after Pearl Harbour.

  21. 冠军汪 says:

    Please, don't use any App made by China, All the App can monitor you and collect your personal information.

  22. psp785 says:

    Tick Tock is owned by tencent Chinese company

  23. Jim Dort says:

    Now CBC how about doing a article on how Qatar and Pakistan monitor and control their citizens midia or seek to deplatform an imprison anyone they deem blasphemy or reformists Muslims. Dictators are all the same only some use religion as their defense for restrictions of human rights. Leftwing liberals do the same control by buying the midia and creating fear of any other midia or citizens that voice information that doesn't reflect positive on their propaganda

  24. Matteo Pepe says:

    why. is. this. news.

  25. I_D_O_L WARSHIP says:

    Facebook/IG and Youtube censor people here and delete their accounts all the time. In fact CBC censors Canadians frequently.

  26. Mr. D says:

    Ban tik tok

  27. Laura Hall says:

    Also, does NO ONE remember Unit 731 in Japan during the 40's? China probably wants some of that.

  28. Laura Hall says:

    China? Censorship? Nooooo

  29. The Un-Known Musician says:

    TikTok is cringey

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