tik toks you hear in your head while trying to sleep

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succculent not succulent
also i am aware fakememe is in love with me 😉

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  1. Jacqueline says:

    imagine you are trying to do your homework and you get distracted watching this.

    Mom: Get your homework done!!!

    Me: I am doing my homework!

    Mom: Why do I hear that song from waitress then?

    Me: …………

  2. Samantha Gallagher says:

    Anyone else recognize the love yourself album in the quit being Asian one? 😂

  3. F says:

    4:32 well ok then

  4. Gangster Turkey says:

    I mean guy on tigger does not ryhm


  5. Bruno Adler says:

    20:23 why this dude gotta be an annoying brat?

  6. Frosty FN says:

    21:31 where can i listen to that song?

  7. João Fifeiro says:


  8. YEET says:


  9. YEET says:

    01:00 awwww

  10. joey tribiani says:


  11. Nancy Fredenburgh says:

    My Alexia Actually tuned on when that alexia tik tok came on. RIP

  12. qooqle says:


  13. the spider in your closet says:

    8:07 this is true fear

  14. Humongous Brain Man says:

    Some of are these aren’t even funny
    why am I watching them

  15. Roku Z says:

    forsenCD PICK A CARD ✨ forsenCD ANY CARD ✨ forsenCD THE 2 OF WIVES? ✨ forsenCD EXCELLENT CHOICE ✨

  16. neptune says:


  17. Francis Datu says:

    6:13 nibba on a tiger

  18. Bdon Hall says:

    13:15 yeah, that's definitely a tiktok. a not funny, HORIZONTAL tiktok.

  19. Kelly Cubby says:



    Please just tell me..

    What the heck is cuffing season?!

  20. helloivory s says:

    5:30 "damn look at at ass"
    me : is the girl have ass in front of her body 😂

  21. The Sen8 says:

    8:29 I had to come here to see the full thing, only to find out he skipped the best part. FeelsBadMan

  22. bleach says:

    tik tok channels: hey kid….. wanna buy some…….

    s t a r d u s t l e d s

  23. anh nguyen says:

    follow @aanhhx on tiktok for a cookie

  24. cryzus says:

    8:30 LULW

  25. Christie Shepherd says:

    Why is that chinese lady so happy 2:13

  26. GaMeR gAmEs says:

    Queen music 12:49 btw

  27. Manuel Rivera says:

    11:48 the cat tho

  28. KappaSunn says:

    8:32 for those who want to see the whole sac impersonation. OkayChamp 👍

  29. Lex Lavatai says:

    Anyone know where to find a tutorial for the dance at 1:11 (I think it’s a drip walk)

  30. Michael Ross says:

    8:55 this guy is a legend

  31. kamryn june says:

    me while i'm trying to take a test: martha dumbtruck in the fl- NO focus.. ok hit or mis- STOPPP okok i'm really focus… stupid boy think that i need em i know yo- *looks at the clock WHOOPS THERES ONLY FIVE MINUTED LEFT OF CLASS AND I HAVE 12 PROBLEMS LEFT

  32. ClowneryOne says:

    Tik toks that make xqc stu stu studder

  33. lightning snips says:

    1:46 woooo

  34. Ben Aaron says:

    "Tik Toks that make xQc say TRUUUU"

  35. Aodds says:

    Bro the space thing at the end really got me interested.

  36. Broxxs Art says:

    149 when he came out like woooo

  37. echo doodle says:

    11:07 that's actually really impressive

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