tik toks that will fill the hole in your heart ❤️

tik toks that will fill the hole in your heart ❤️

Comment a video title idea and ill heart the ones i like the most!

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succculent fakememe tik toks

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  1. Gabrielle Swanger says:

    The vsco girl will never take meh alivee

  2. Velocity says:

    Wow i was gonna finish watching it until i saw ''Subscribe now or-'' and those videos with rich kids showing off
    man some rich kids may be cursed, die and rot in hell

  3. Julian Stafström says:

    så varför är kånkan väskor populära nu???

  4. Finn Olson says:

    For the ocsv boy

  5. Say sike right now says:

    I love the bee one 💖

  6. Sarah b says:

    i don't know what high school that girl goes to but our freshman aren't even bad at all

  7. Mixolydian Ruminov Priambodo says:


    "Gurl, who does your eyeliner"

    Dog="i designed it"

  8. bigboybillybobjoe says:

    12:10 anyone know the name of the school, because I swear I've seen that logo in the background before

  9. Spookyy_da_scaryy _ says:

    Does anyone know the song of the last one?? 🙂

  10. Blue Rose. * says:

    ain't class of 24 worse tho?! They wearin scrunchies I'm to their neck I think

  11. barbara says:

    Omg I just watched Shrek! That bear thing blew my mind

  12. Johannah Gonzalez says:

    I love ALL OF THEM

  13. vicious_fatal says:

    Oop I and

  14. Johannah Gonzalez says:


  15. VirusTuula says:

    Sksksksk and I poop

  16. Softboii.Connor says:


  17. Cunkly Brown says:

    These gave me the wither effect

  18. Daph_gacha♡ says:


  19. TRG TripzX says:

    5:40 thank to the black guy on the left for not dance and reping us well.

  20. sunny.animations says:

    Only commented this so if would get to 666 likes

  21. The Kids Dorris says:

    2:17 how can someone be that cute?!?

  22. ツNeonCollins says:

    10:36–10:42 i live for that TikTok 😂😂

  23. •GachaBean• says:

    Jokes on you, I don’t have a heart..

  24. pandacorns meep says:

    I feel like females with a good jaw line is just as attractive as males with good jawlines

  25. Brandonfarris’s Dooder says:

    On 4:05
    Ummm my sister has those things…
    Is that a problem??

  26. TheRealCreeper says:

    15:19 gave me anxiety

  27. Alish Watanabe says:

    I wouldn't mind being kidnapped by 6:03 😂😍

  28. Ron Bell says:

    1:19 song pls

  29. Nyx says:


  30. Brianna Hughes says:

    the girl talking about the 2023 class is fucking right tho about the freshmen needing to relax at 15:35–16:30

  31. Orlaith Hardiman-Douglas says:

    1:36 is me cos my girls all bail when going into town and the boys never

  32. Stormy Rose Kitten says:

    Girl at 20:58 looks and acts exactly like a girl Emily at my school lmao

  33. Eliza !! says:

    5:11 awww she a good girl.

  34. Simon Fisher says:

    Tik toks that will butter your bread

  35. KatsuAndTheGang says:

    21:58 pretty sure a i was gay before… now i'm just a wiggly noodle

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