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34 thoughts on “tik toks that prevented LELE PONS from ruining tik tok 😎😱

  1. Ummm😅There is a (new i think ) challenge where you do something with your hand in a mustache and then you do dislike (I know you dont understand anything i am bad in English 😅😂)But if you understand please tell me the title of this challenge…😂
    (Sorry if I blinded you )lol

  2. Guy: We got Koala bears in Michigan!!!!

    Me: You dumbass -_-
    I hope he doesn’t actually think that thats a koala……

  3. I don't understanddd. the internet bullies me for being an 2004 kid. But im in the class 21' which… Is good… And the class of 23' is bad… They HAVE 2006 ZOOMERS.

  4. Sorry but that tittle was sort of harsh

    (edited)Wait im so confused now that I watch it did Lele pons do something that im just unaware of or is it personal also please don't just read my comment then start flipping thrue the comments agin bc I really wanna know the gossip

  5. I was about to throw hands when he called us stupid for liking BTS but then I watched the whole thing and I went chill lmao

  6. Bro, the first one is already rude asf, 00-03 is just mad asf cause y’all old and still immature and didn’t go through puberty like we did tf😂Quit with this 04 is trying to hard, I know some music y’all don’t, I know some trends y’all don’t, i know some shit y’all don’t. Nobody is nothing base don year it’s parents and other things that change what you are so fix that🙄

  7. 20:23 stop doing this u stupid idiots i dont want u getting shot this is serious and get get u deep doo doo if u doo this in the wrong places and in public or even on social media spread this info and STOP DOOING THAT!!!

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