tik toks that passed the vibe check 😎😅

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  1. Rchange says:

    0:24 Song please dont ignore me

  2. Im_Boopo says:

    :52 ay yo diabetes check

  3. Kojo Attah says:

    0:57 Mmm that looks good I’ll gladly take a bite out of it…oh and those two diabetes tacos look good too I guess

  4. Nig Ro says:

    5’6” boys wya

  5. Charbacca 453 says:

    15:24 if u can play minecraft like that u don’t deserve to play it, u little sweat, imagine doing hypixel uhc against him

  6. It Ye Boi says:


  7. Adri Wi20 says:



    diabetes: yeaaaaah boi!

  8. Silas Pasqualla says:

    5:18 is that fprtnite!!!!!!!!

  9. Bert says:

    tiktok = pure fucking shit

  10. VT_ 620 says:

    that one kid who still uses fidget spinners 2:15

  11. Mizuki_playz 101 says:

    I feel you beyblade collecter

  12. Amelia Goyden says:

    I saw the thumbnail and I dropped my phone

  13. the honest one says:

    1:35 i chocked of laughter

  14. Llama_Ruler says:

    16:24 I’ll leave it there

  15. Llama_Ruler says:

    16:24 I leave it there

  16. SkiTtLeSsSsS says:

    0:42 love me some good diabetes

  17. Fag Nigga says:

    9:33 just harassment

  18. ashlee XD says:

    13:51 is that a ball pit on his roof or am i retarded??

  19. what's a good channel name says:

    14:48 everyone when Minecraft releases the cave update

  20. SyKe blazin says:

    Song name?

  21. markus says:

    7:40 based and red pilled

  22. Cʀʏsᴛᴀʟ Wᴏʟғ 778シ says:

    19:21 get me a manz like that

  23. DeniseDaBesT YT says:


  24. Anime kid says:

    7:10 this scares me so fricking much cause my nickname is hoodie so it just sounds like I'm in a call with the boiis but I'm not

  25. Maddie Comella says:

    6:39 i want the real audio lmao

  26. Owain Erskine says:

    That last one hits hard lmao

  27. Child says:

    i need friends really bad

  28. Michael Corbett says:

    20:07 you are not supposed to cut on a wooden curing board because of the germs that get in the cuts that you can’t get out unless you really try

  29. S Å Đ Ø W says:

    The Boys Allways In Ur Side

  30. Bob-omb 121 says:

    Thanks for ruining the vibe check meme, much like how you ruin every meme, TikTok!

  31. Emilson says:

    1:44 song pls?


    15:32 made me laugh so hard

    British girl check

  33. Wholsome Parrot says:

    Title: tik toks that make pewdiepie frick a creeper

  34. E H says:

    5:57 i want that dad tho

  35. Fox Love says:

    Fun fact BTS can also mean BACK TO SCHOOL LIES LIES I ONLY SEE LIES go sub to meUwU

  36. claus 1022 says:

    Anyone know the song from 18:42? Pls

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