tik toks that made my jaw drop

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succculent not succulent

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  1. Succculent says:

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  2. Mr. McQuackles says:

    10:00 this happened to my sister in a Walmart but the guy smiled at her really cute and then waved at us

  3. Turtle Dude says:

    10: 46 I was laughing 9 mins straight

  4. HoneyBlossom Xo says:

    “Motherfucker doesn’t start with a b…”

    * My life quote *

  5. Aura says:

    19:47 I was dead at the last part

  6. Alexa Garcia says:

    Have a little stroke while you charge your phone

  7. Grayson Rushton says:

    These used to be funny but they aren't really anymore

  8. Lyx Gumangi says:


  9. Lunna Hottovy says:

    5:23 lo a I just got home from hoco lmao I am a single potato

  10. Grackle says:

    7:14 i heard orange

  11. vanessa larocque says:

    I'm happy for the kid with white parents

  12. Toby Sullivan says:

    I don't get the tik toks

  13. Tennis Life says:

    if someone finds the ig or active tiktok of the girl at 12:46 i will immedietly sub to you and give you a shoutout! (i tried looking for her but her tiktok is gone)

  14. Yeet yot you're a thot says:

    What's the song at 13:50 lmao

  15. Andrea Bosa says:

    18:15 Song?

  16. s k says:

    i heard apple

  17. Warturtal XD says:

    3:57 Song name please

  18. Man you just killed my vibe That’s wiggity wack yo says:

    20:14 this baby was innocent before this happened to her

  19. Kingston Gutierrez says:

    10:21 did anyone else think that was thanos

  20. JuneJj says:

    9:55 Same. I remember once I saw this cute girl on the bus and spent the whole ride planning our life together knowing damn well I would never see her again

  21. MD_ _ says:


  22. Rayya Eshal says:

    10:53 I thought that that guy looks like Luke and Calum's baby.

  23. GodPeen says:

    I will subscribe to anyone who comments something on my recent video

  24. Dean Grimshaw says:

    1:01 if Randolph ate old Ethan

  25. FuzzY says:

    2:58 had to use a vpn to look at his school

  26. Issa Wraideh says:

    2:50 Mannn that is so not good how u treat us muslim we all are one big family muslim Cristian all the riligion is a one big family

  27. sean gucci says:

    at 11:59 nov 1st is my bday

  28. haydenisthebomb says:

    Is goggle boy lil Teccas brother

  29. Hyperion XF says:

    Whats the outro song name?

  30. ghostie says:

    name of song at 3:23

  31. Jennie’s ice cream says:

    The bts one got me lmao

  32. SwearI'mQwerty says:

    13:44 I'm not gay but I need to know the name of this song. (Srrsly tho wuts this song? 🙁 )

  33. TheCreep7 says:

    0:13 now thats what i call music

  34. XxSushi_dreamzxX says:

    Had to click when I saw goggle boy in the thumbnail

  35. Taylor M. says:

    why isnt anyone talking about 0:51 she has noooo rhythm omggg

  36. Absoulute- _ - Glass says:

    8:30 is that the one and only Greta Thunberg

  37. ARIEL KING says:

    I met the guy at 9:35 at the pier on my b day lmao

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