tik toks that karen yelled at the manager for😅😭🤡

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succculent not succulent
also i am aware fakememe is in love with me 😉

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  1. i used my last name change on this says:

    Succculent: here watch a video of a dog tearing apart a raccoon on tiktok, it’s funny + some shitty stardust LED lights

  2. butter fly says:

    6:08 ok boomer

  3. evan jedi says:

    12:17 thank you krunker

  4. Estrella Aparicio says:

    That last tiktok hit me hard. Idk y, it just made me happy 🙂

  5. Cactish says:


  6. Ascanio Lampada says:

    7:29 this girl be talkin' in Minecraft's enchanting table letters

  7. xXsamiraXx says:

    16:25 wtf that's some rude child how you saying that about your father dumb ass
    will be you in a couple years

  8. Vlinder Veldkamp says:

    4:59. Excuse me..?

  9. TikTok Best Compilations says:

    Girl: You would be a good dancer except for two things.
    Boy: What are the two things?
    Girl: Your feet.

  10. SpookyTurnzz Gaming says:

    6:28 He really missed a chance to say ‘’OK boomer’’ again.

  11. thatguy youdontlike says:

    what is the game at 1:23 i cant remember

  12. Raydon Herman says:

    bruh wow

  13. Widmer21 says:

    5:40 was so cringe

  14. ozone20rulez says:

    Whaddup with all these indian memes.
    As an indian I appreciate the attention.
    But seriously? Spitting? Our country is a living meme farm and that's the best you can do?
    You can do better. I believe in you guys.

  15. Henrik Sorensen says:

    01:23 that’s memories man that one struck me right in the ❤️

  16. and i oop says:

    the…the racoon… 😮

  17. Marissa Gipson says:

    Haha Im Getting L.E.D Lights For Christmas!

  18. Payton Shopp says:

    no one:
    tik tok yt channels: sTaRdUsT lEd’S

  19. Caitlin says:

    aight but I didnt wanna watch a raccoon get ripped apart

  20. Brianna Tibbitts says:

    Why the fuck he let the dogs attack the raccoon fucking asswhole

  21. Duncan Glave says:

    18:10 why i hate dogs

  22. Darrell BEATS says:


  23. Megan Rose says:

    Please don't ever put a video like that raccoon one in here again please I hated seeing that and have no idea why you would even find that funny.

  24. Hailow says:

    The fuck put back the stardust leds voice

  25. Reece Rubin says:

    That raccoon being killed while the man just watched it makes me actually so mad.

  26. Max Bennett says:

    It’s me!! 😂 13:17 !! Drop a follow if you guys enjoyed @lil.maxb 👍🏼👍🏼

  27. 21 Cabbage says:

    I think I've honestly watched all of your tik tok compilations

  28. bvtch says:

    who is Charli D'Amelio lmao

  29. Genoa Campbell says:

    18:10 WTF!!!! Those dogs just fucking ate that racoons?! What the fuck is wrong with their owner?!!!!

  30. Angellou Sutharsan says:

    2:42 is the only person on tik tok (I’ve seen) actually have a difference with the nose job

  31. A . S says:

    0:39 is straight up talent

  32. PGL CheezeBunny says:

    this is for u xQc

  33. Princess Moonlight says:


  34. 1,000 subscribers with some Vids says:

    my birthday is the same day on christmas i never get anything for christmas or my birthday this year im just hoping for subscribers for christmas and my birthday😭😭😭😭

  35. Binary Keyys says:

    Why does the guy at 4:07 look like a reices cup

  36. Silver Stars says:

    18:12 no no no the poor raccoon! Your just going to let the dogs tear it apart????
    At least have some decency and put it out of its misery before letting your dogs destroy it like a dog toy!
    Poor poor creature.

  37. Gisselle Hernandez says:

    whats the code

  38. CHiZORI 19 says:

    Merch song pls !!?!

  39. jason pitman says:

    xQcś gonna alinity me

  40. eli is a bot says:

    21:55 did you just assume my gender

  41. marlon hoffman says:

    6'1" 16 year old? My friend is that height at 13 😂

  42. Infinite Sniper says:


  43. TotallyNotEmma says:

    I laughed so hard because I saw these two girls in my home ec class doing that dance and failing really bad, so I-I guess I tiktok bombed them? I did the Danielle Chon thing lol

  44. Drew Rodgers says:

    Yooo at 0:50 that’s my vid driving with drew

  45. Too Icxy says:

    no one:

    absolutely no one:

    not even god:

    tik tok compilation channels: YALL EVER HEARD OF STARDUST LEDS

  46. upmost Wisconsin says:

    3:30 video?

  47. Grace Close says:

    wtf why does it say xqcs gonna alinity me

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