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succculent not succulent
also i am aware fakememe is in love with me 😉

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  1. Yes- Sir says:

    “Cyber bus”


  2. Nathan Njoya says:

    turn iT uP😂😂😂😂

  3. Hernesto says:

    Yo someone help me out with the name of the song from the hoodie thing

  4. SnipodZ says:

    When you´re not early at all but almost all the comments are about not finding funny comments

  5. hi says:

    whats the song you use for the dank merch part
    day 3

  6. KnickProductions p says:


  7. Stripez The Wolf says:

    17:28 yoo that's alex choi lmao

  8. Incognito Ugo says:

    @9:00 lmao what is that fortnite

  9. Master Man8164 says:

    Go Follow My Tiktok @Commander_lucas
    You dont have to go follow but if you want I appreciate it

  10. My Love says:

    Y’all follow me on TikTok @hennie_222🥺

  11. QuirkyNarwal says:


  12. Gabriel Monney says:

    FUCK EVERYBODY ELSE… How's the squirrel?

  13. -__- Sacriliago says:

    In what way is the boy the size of a thigh and is that a good thing or bad thing coz the size of your thigh vastly varies from person to person

  14. J. C. says:

    That vitamin guy looks just like shaggy.

  15. Whispa says:

    The mom freaking out in the car is so relateable

  16. -__- Sacriliago says:

    Small PSA: don’t take more than the amount of multivitamins it says to take on the bottle because too much of certain vitamins can actually cause vitamin toxicity, they’re not just gummies they have actual stuff in them. Just chug a bottle of candies

  17. Juli Lewis says:

    at 16:30 he goes to my high school

  18. Braydon Tindle says:

    14:40 what what the fuck did I do

  19. Skittles Playz says:

    4:03 *your

  20. Cameron says:

    Lmao I got banned from the discord

  21. Sanny says:

    16:09 I-

  22. Sanny says:

    Why does he have a big ass raccoon

  23. Sanny says:

    2:59 damn this looks hella good never would've thought of that

  24. Sanny says:

    1:51 everyone got this same ad

  25. Sanny says:

    1:50 this damn ad…

  26. SkylarPlays says:

    me realising he quit because he was going bald and he didn't want people to see

  27. Giant Fence says:

    song at 0:33

  28. Hazell Vasquez says:

    2:27 I am the only person who recognized this dude from Andi Mack …………..

  29. SneakyLlama says:

    Whats the song at the end?

  30. Tayla says:

    8:57 💀💀💀💀💀💀

  31. NotEvenARose says:

    Anyone watching this during thanksgiving?

  32. Jori says:

    Why wear ahegao when you could wear deodorant?

  33. Jori says:

    Ahegao cashgrab dickhead.

  34. Ethan the poser says:

    Hi people reading this in 2+ years theres probably something bigger than tiktok when u read this an ill be in college haha well, nice talking to ya ! 👀🖐

  35. xXsamiraXx says:

    she dummy thicc

  36. Luke Simmonds says:

    Chat if you see this VI VON

  37. coldbabydom says:

    Here before xqc😪

  38. CraZeeStarxX Gacha says:

    Trueee 😂

  39. Tik Tok Central says:

    Check out my first compilation

  40. Tik Tok Central says:

    Check out my first compilation

  41. Tik Tok Central says:

    Check out my first compilation

  42. Amelia Madden says:

    no one
    actually no one
    every tik tok video wAnt LeD LigHtS

  43. Jericho LIVA says:

    Follow for follow

  44. Mr Skate says:

    1:19 shaggy getting lit

  45. J W says:


  46. Samantha Bowers says:

    call of duty

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