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  1. random tea says:

    when your not allowed to have tik tok so instead you watch compilations of them✊😔

  2. •LemonadeTears• •SmolGrxpe• says:

    There's actually 33 boomer watching this vid

  3. Schnako Schnako says:

    9:30 Song plsssssssss

  4. AMY says:

    Why does the girl from the sturdust led ad sound like the girl from troom troom

  5. Lydia Lake says:

    title idea: tik toks you can’t hear because YOUrE ListENiNg tO KIdz bOP

    like to get this title idea used !! 👇🏻

  6. Chase RH says:


  7. Christian Knoos says:

    Can someone please tell me the song at 14:59?

  8. CAT says:


  9. Yowww DaMan says:

    14:30 whats the name of the song?

    Thank you

  10. Satsuki Sisters says:

    17:47. I was doing hostory hm while wacthing this

  11. multi fannetje xx says:

    0:00 i got that on tik tok today lol😂😂

  12. Celes-tea Ludenberg says:

    4:21 killing me with mcr, considering theyve reunited

  13. Stefania Dias says:


  14. Valeria Mejia says:

    Omg was that Larri or Larry

  15. The Watcher says:

    No joke, I saw that cute ass puppy and literally started balling!!

  16. Jk Nope says:

    I did the thing that you hold your phone with your mouth and cover you ears

    I cracked my frikin phone😑

  17. Jk Nope says:

    I did the thing that you hold your phone with your mouth and cover you ears

    I cracked my frikin phone😑

  18. monkey boy says:

    That did make me OWO

  19. The Gacha People says:

    8:29 😂😂

  20. The Mango says:

    u say wot mate 6:41

  21. Blue TV says:

    I’m not a boomer so I decided to leave a 👎 in the comments

  22. Annabel McNaught says:

    Wasnt this called "tik toks only boomers will understand"?

    I am confusion

  23. Claudia Ch. says:

    The second was copied

  24. Anti socially old school says:

    12:56 what is the song

  25. Adolf Hitler says:


  26. Salmontheman says:

    9:48 How the guy instantly hugs him as soon as he see's his bestfriend, that is so beautiful 🙂

  27. Salmontheman says:

    3:43 I honestly thought that was the version of the Joker, played by Jack Nicholson

  28. Adriano Migliaccio says:


  29. Kokona Haruka says:

    Ah shit my dads a boomer

  30. TheCuteBunny123 says:

    Ive seen most on my fyp lol

  31. Drew Hart says:


  32. Venom TV says:

    9:00 i swear i thought it jump out of my phone and i screamed

  33. Gracie T says:

    16:31 that peel out tho😂😂

  34. The Darkened says:

    Tik toks that at better than the cool side of the pillow

  35. Lenfent Galeng says:


  36. *Strawberry Chan* says:

    Instructions unclear…I UwO

  37. Scarlette says:

    9:36 This almost made me cry it was so cute

  38. Daturtle2524 says:

    Anybody want to play Minecraft survival plz I'm lonely af

  39. Desiree Nelms says:

    Early yay

  40. Shepbii _ says:

    “accidental slap”

  41. I GACHA BEACH says:

    The 10 peeps that unliked this video prolly didn't OWO 🤯

  42. Kim is a Rat says:

    i litterly went to the kitchen to get chips and my mom made me read 3 huge history books and im pissed i want to leave this family

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