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39 thoughts on “TIK TOK MEMES that turn jesus into a vsco boy

  1. You're literally the biggest normie in the world if you think the vsco girl jokes are still funny, they were only funny for like the first 3 days

  2. Why do people watch dumb crap like this. Since when did stupidity become funny? Since when did memes become funny because there memes? Do people really have nothing better to do. Our society has become completely brain dead, constantly spreading idiocy throughout the internet. At least before memes were creative and original, but now we just mindlessly quote And re post them so often until it be comes so mindnumbingly repetitive that we finally get bored and sit around and wait for the next “completely funny and original” meme to come out. It makes me sick that a group of adults are screaming like autistic kids in the middle of a shooting all for the purpose of some dumb trend. Can we just go back to having mote important things to do instead of doing the same crap over and over all while slowly descending into madness?

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