TIK TOK MEMES that make me rise and shine 🌞

Go ask @tommyunold some unexpected questions on TikTok!
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  1. memer cat says:

    18:39 I got so confused when I first saw this

  2. Panda Plays says:

    This channel inspired me a lot now I'm making 1k people smile on YouTube ❤

  3. EngBang says:

    Song at 10:26

  4. winsana's life says:

    5:11 is a mood

  5. Mathew Wachtendonk says:

    2:48 wow now they have to dry that blanket and then shower themselves after being rudely splashed by soda by therir child, and it’s a waste of money congrats on being adopted

  6. Tak says:

    Tik tok memes to make me un see the shadows in my room

  7. Low N Slow 209 !!! says:

    16:48 Gypsy Rose when she is released from prison and discovers Tik tok

  8. Shaleigh Hoaglin says:

    Title name : tiktokd that make me a power ranger even though I'm 14

  9. Thereal.memes says:

    7:53 what's the name of that song

  10. CobraAmps says:

    18:23 song?

  11. See you again. says:

    12:29 was so cute

  12. The mystical Lyrics says:

    Tik toks that made Karen respect the drip.

  13. James Dee says:

    I dont have depression

  14. ghostakari says:

    13:27 Song name?

  15. HappyByStorm says:

    tik toks that made me poo faster

  16. S1nner says:

    If anyone is wondering what song this is 14:44 it’s “Would Look Perfect” – Powfu

  17. Harriet Shearer says:

    the person singing at 7:20 made me laugh so much! XD XD XD XD XD

  18. Istaaa .s says:

    I hate it when people say wHy ???? After a question it's like bitch I asked u smt

    Yes bitch I say that too 🙄

  19. Revan Paris says:

    5:40… WHERE CAN I GET THAT LASER?!?!?! plz help and ty

  20. Googlee 99 says:

    crap i have depression now

  21. Kali Hooten says:

    Did anyone else notice 1:02 wtf was he Wearing I have so many questions

  22. Catholic Church of Roblox says:

    Make more trumpet boy comilations

  23. Gabby Tinajero says:

    Girl who said just because I wear glasses means I’m half brown and then she said my name is Mia not Mia Khalifa me: my name is mia

  24. Gabby Tinajero says:

    What’s a dog or a Rip dogit got so scared

  25. A W says:

    Tik toks that really rustle my jimmies

  26. Adam Matina says:


  27. Tomasi Qoriniasi says:


  28. dark chase says:

    Tittle for next vid

    Memes that made my black friend give me a unlimited N-WORD PASS

  29. dark chase says:

    18:39. when my owner says I'm adopted.

  30. Bazelgeuse says:

    …. #TeamTrees

  31. Marquell Benjamin says:

    is it weird that i was JUST watching rise and shine memes?

  32. VotedHaunter says:

    Can anyone do 14:25, but better? I can, just wanting to know if there was anyone else out there


    I commented this name for like 3 videos lol


    tiktok memes that have curse of vanishing II

  35. L Kd says:

    7:10 it scared the shit out of me, like for real who puts scary paranormal shit on tiktok

  36. Gaby Garcia says:

    tiktoks that make me stinky

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