TIK TOK MEMES that i found in the juul room

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  1. Xavier Blake says:

    Sweet Caroline

  2. Vegeta Breigh says:

    9:12 plot twist they both lost their virginity at the same time.

  3. Smilevil D.C says:


  4. slither. io says:


  5. Crimson Fox says:

    6:49 What's the music?

  6. Malia Certeza says:

    the “would you like to add fries with that?” hit hard 😞

  7. Christie Shepherd says:

    I just gotta point out how the old man knows how to do a tik tok

  8. Kangarooblox :3 says:

    Comments: 100
    Seconds: 15
    Tiktoks: Viral
    Vibe: Check
    Meme: Old

  9. Uh Oh x100 says:

    Song at 6:38

  10. Aubryana says:

    Tik Tok makes me think of how lonely i really am.

  11. foxy fan says:

    the dudes tail looks like a penis lol

  12. Zoe Laverne says:

    0:48 is that jesus

  13. Manav Seedhar says:

    Song at 17:17 ?

  14. Lara K says:

    Follow me on tiktok @imbabyprincess420 for a follow back

  15. Luis ortuno says:

    What is the song on 2:29 called?

  16. Emilia Skinner says:

    I Like the amount of cats that are in this video

  17. Kaiden Fisher says:

    17:59 he got me

  18. Ava Petrie says:

    The one with the pencil the kid didnt even throw a pencil

  19. TikTok Channel says:


  20. Tihara Fontanez says:


  21. Dakoda Morris says:

    FAKE ALERT!!!! I literally learned this 2 weeks in

  22. Lola Hall says:

    19:35 is the best video ever lol

  23. Leah Marie Muir says:

    are we just not gonna talk about 14:28 ? that is actually really funny and idk why i laughed at that

  24. JaxKlips says:

    The tail at 1:50 looks like a cock lmao

  25. TapRo says:

    Mkvhub.com is better than 123 movies

    Also you have got moms in your area

  26. Joel Alexander says:

    I have TikTok

  27. harry grogan says:

    15:29 aye my video

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