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  1. Mr Animal says:

    Me:*Sees Ironman and Thanos meme*

    Me again:*Proceeds to pour bleach into my eyes*

  2. Ian Ramos says:

    what is that fire ad song at 00:50

  3. Kevin_ Forgets says:

    LOL 13:35

  4. c h e r r i says:

    16:48 flatly patty coming through

  5. Yasmin Leon says:

    5:14 Oof ;-; it scared meh

  6. Master Man8164 says:

    You dont have to go follow but if you want I appreciate it

  7. Tray Chaney says:

    Song? 17:41

  8. drawing Editz says:


  9. I get high on oxegyn I get high on oxegyn says:

    Omfg the kid with the garbage can, I literally died

  10. Do you know my name ? says:

    That's not how you play a Switch! 3:50

  11. LionNaroIan Ian says:

    Whats song name at 17:45 please

  12. Dale Myers says:

    Does it fit no room that's wut I have

  13. So Le says:

    I feel so bad for laughing at 6:17 😂😂😭

  14. 【M1sterFuFu Bloxikin】 says:

    17:41 Awwww. 🙁

  15. blueoreochurrio 626 says:

    9:09 whhhyyyyyyyy😂😂😂

  16. Nici says:

    22:39 whats the Movie???

  17. abud bakr says:

    Why is all people is so obsessed with Charlie damilo

  18. lorena rivera says:


  19. lorena rivera says:

    anyone care to explain 2: 11

  20. Neri Reyes says:

    this dude had to ruin avengers endgame for me omg WHY HE HAD TO MAKE THANOS KISS IRON MAN LET IRON MAN REST IN PEACE GOD DAMIT

  21. Bibi Overbeek says:

    18:23 where tf is mr. Crabs washing his car?!?!

  22. dian freemantle says:

    whats the songs name on 11:13

  23. BubbleLoser ;• says:

    I got a drama club by mel

  24. Maxwell Van Kauwenbergh says:

    I love the Rock but I don't like the mems

  25. Aisah Mokhtar says:

    Pause on 0:36

  26. Swag Kotaro says:

    18:23 can someone tell me what the heck happened

  27. Gregor Mäll says:

    13:54 how

  28. Amber Bradley says:

    And tell me why I have to copies of the fox and the hound😂

  29. Amber Bradley says:

    13:13 is just cringe

  30. Amber Bradley says:

    11:46 is so funny I'm crying

  31. Nyght YouTube says:

    Can someone please tell me the sound at 16:48

  32. Cheese says:


  33. Новороссия says:

    Pardon my naïvity but i didn't understand the elbow one.

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