Tik Tok memes 👁👅👁

Want to drop the beat at home and showcase your unique home made beats? Use Tiktok to create a #homemadebeats video!



This video is sponsored by Tik Tok. If you don’t have Tik Tok already, literally download it right now – it has all the best dank memes owo

source: https://goindocal.com/

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  1. Marc Fow del says:

    14:24 good ‘ol days

  2. Izzy Dev says:


  3. Arbitrary videos says:

    Anybody know the song at 3:06?

  4. RedFox [Streamer] says:

    15:43 gaben?

  5. Penqr says:

    15:07 …. i felt that.

  6. Imaginary According To People says:

    We once had a sub in band, and he was an asshole but someone asked, “Can I use the restroom” and he was like “I don’t know CAN YOU?!”

    Not a lie

  7. Kenzie_0201 ! says:

    Ummmm bold of you to assume that I don’t think about not waking up every time I go to sleep. It’s called ANXIETY.

  8. Brandon Stewart says:

    He relies his life is gone

  9. xxx_weeb_slayer_xxx says:

    9:13 thats why i like to sleep

  10. Jordy T says:

    All I realised in the beginning of this video is people need WD40 in their lives…..

  11. Jay The Transgender says:

    8:35 I dOnT kNoW cAn YoU???

  12. יוחנן דוד says:

    18:52 this video single handedly tore down one of my 87 walls around me heart

  13. Bailey auron Curtis says:

    Who else is awake at 23:08 watching this

  14. Tiny Celestail says:

    Why the fridge does she looks like my science teacher?

  15. PitA BreaD says:

    who is the girl at 15:58

  16. Amy Pompa says:

    what if we have universe in us and we dont know it and all the stuff we put on our skin goes on to those universe

  17. TraMaChi says:

    12:10 If I were this girl I would legit wear an eyepatch when going out ^^

  18. Carol † says:

    This is a whole piece of shit 👁👅👁

  19. XxxWolfy_BooxxX * says:

    The way the cup just frickin burst on the first one already got me dedddd

  20. xhanny says:

    10:54 10:54 10:54
    10:54 10:54 10:54
    10:54 10:54 10:54


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