[Tik Tok Japan] 日本のティックトック学校 | Tik Tok High School In Japan 2011

“Tiktok Japan, 日本のティックトック” は、非常に面白くて非常にクリエイティブな短いtiktokビデオのあるエンターテイメントチャンネルです。

Tiktok Japan, 日本のティックトック
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  1. pilot laler says:

    Ayo orang indo..siapa yang nyasar kesini…

  2. JC제니아 says:

    1:24 可愛い💕

  3. Paco lumpiarte says:

    0:47 REOL <3

  4. roses_are_ rosie says:

    I want a full version of 4:13 please someone drop a link Radwimps is ❤

  5. ドラは何ペーナンチュン says:


  6. 제임스테일러 says:


  7. Maxi Rodas says:

    7:18 what name song ? 🤔

  8. 初音未来 says:


  9. Huy **Assasin.Knight** says:

    1:42 what is the song? Link music. Thank.

  10. Lavesa Lavesa says:

    9:16 song name?

  11. Aaa Bbb says:

    4:38 full?

  12. B4K4 4an says:

    08:25 song?

  13. Khadizhat Gajsumova says:

    I hate that I can’t have all of this😩😫😩😫

  14. yu - vi says:

    2011?? There was no tiktok then

  15. Apry yatno says:

    Nice 2😁

  16. уυкιςнαи T-Dancer says:

    Song 7:20 ?

  17. Khiêm super top says:

    Vào vì cái hình có gái xinh :V

  18. Muhammad Faris says:

    9:31 what song please??

  19. Hoseok Ddaeng says:

    2011? I doubt that tiktok was here in 2011

  20. Tatame Rotose says:

    3:50 full video please ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

  21. Slenderman Ris Vicente Piedra says:

    Nipan go dawn in tonights

  22. Slenderman Ris Vicente Piedra says:

    Id pls

  23. Saddam Hussain says:

    10:00 Song name please ?

  24. winchester adrian says:

    como chingados llegue aki lol

  25. анатолий АН says:

    7:39 извиняются перед хозяином.

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