45 thoughts on “Tik Tok Chicken Noodle Soup Challenge (ft. BTS)

  1. Me and my classmates doing this after recess and the teacher comes in to our classroom , and his reaction:)

    Teacher: ( enter the class and turn on this song ) 😇

    Me and my classmates : * dance happily for one period of his class*😂😂

  2. 호비는 정말 닭처럼 잘추고 쿠키는 파워풀하고
    태태 왜 저리 신났는 지 아시는 분? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  3. I am fascinated tae oh he looks like bady dance for chocolate…. And jk looks as he already got one…. Those hair strokes…. 😆😆😚

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