Tik Tok But It’s Basically Vine 10

Tik Tok but it’s basically Vine 10

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This is my next video on tik tok. I tried to make it as if Vine never left. Some clips are actually edited so it fits a bit more to the vine vibe. Hope you will like it 🙂

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I dont take credit for any of them and never will.
All credits go to the rightful owners.

If you would like to get credited or have a complaint about certain clip used, just send me an email. There is no need for unnecessary copyright strikes. 🙂

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  1. DrummerDraws ! says:

    If people dont have feet, do they wear shoes?
    Then why are you wearing a bra?

    Cue the stupid outro music

  2. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 says:


  3. Shadow Killer says:

    For anyone who wants to know the song at 6:20 is sweet dreams are made of this

  4. Sion Owen says:


  5. Neal Wijs says:


  6. TJ Dawn says:

    I just-


  7. Loke.winstedt says:

    2:06 hjönk hjönk

  8. Golden Girlol123 says:

    11:30 relatable

  9. Mighty Lemon 878 says:

    2:11 when your dad sneezes

  10. Mis'kov says:

    Vine Tok 🤔

  11. Omaree burton says:

    You will now address me by HOKAGE

  12. mizzmusicthief says:

    These are the top tier ,most quality tiktoks, thank you my friend SO much for making me smile today

  13. Akira Takashi says:

    Get this man to an exorcist please

  14. Joshua Parque says:

    3:50 is one of my favorite moments of all the internet

  15. XRANELLEX says:

    3:35 what a savage haha 😂😂

  16. SkyBreaker 247 says:

    I was not expecting 5:25

  17. xXGHETTO _ JESUSXx says:





  18. Kaylene Bartley says:


  19. Missy Tusara says:

    3:18 HAS ME DEAD

  20. Pablo Espinosa says:

    Yo these are actually pretty funny unlike every other tik tok compilation keep making more 👍

  21. FoxTaterTot124 Tatertot says:

    Why was a word at 5:08 censored?

    I've seen this TikTok before and I'm pretty sure he says "fat". Since it's most likely a reference from IT (since he had a Pennywise mask) on how Pennywise calls Ben "fat boy".

  22. Lizzy Galaviz says:

    7:35 I love you
    cat *hisses*

  23. Sarah Hays says:

    7:40 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  24. Lizzy Galaviz says:

    5:07 so funny 😂😂

  25. GlimGlamGoddess says:

    3:46 the boomer energy radiating off this is unprecedented

  26. Kyle Scott says:

    9:50 and my name is Kyle lmfao

  27. Grayson Terry says:

    That cat at 7:45 is absolutely hilarious

  28. Rihanna Frael says:

    Y O U. L O O K. L I K E. A. F R U I T C A K E

  29. Kaiah Leatherwood says:

    11:21 I feel like I connected with this kid on a spiritual level

  30. Jack James says:

    Tiktok: The Epitome Of "Random = Funny"

  31. South Town says:

    Such beautiful singing…

  32. Laurel says:

    Don’t mind me as I mark my favorites for myself

    11:18 (my favorite)









  33. Lului says:


  34. Emmeline Turner says:

    6:11 I have never laughed so hard

  35. Epic Potatoe Girl 2390 says:

    A real Naruto fan here boi 5:26 AS HOKAGE!

  36. Kelly Reed says:

    This video has me DYIIIIINNGGG😂😂😭😭💀💀💀💀

  37. Arlo Wallis Blond says:

    3:38 at playback speed of 0.25×

  38. Imlazydwi says:

    If all Mcdonalds were like the one at 0:11 then I wouldn't be able to go to McDonald's for the entirety of November

  39. XD SNIPEZ says:

    I think second tic toc was best

  40. Kikko _ig says:

    6:39 thats just amazing

  41. Mark's life says:

    Get free air pods yeah the shipping costs 20 bucks

  42. Jayden Plays says:


  43. Reid Foster says:

    4:49 killed

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