So Kotaku’s Jason Schreier stated that the PlayStation 5’s biggest feature may be the fact that game will be instantly playable. Something that Google has touted it’s recently launched cloud gaming platform ‘Stadia’ is capable of. Subscribe to ReviewTechUSA for more great content.

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20 thoughts on “This May Be The PlayStation 5’s BIGGEST Feature

  1. Yes, I meant to say PlayStation 5 in the beginning. No, I didn't notice my oopsie even after i proof watched the video. oh well, lol!

  2. Sony just needs to add backward compatibility for the Sega Cd, Saturn, and Dreamcast with region free and hd upgrade to those games. He'll, add in 3DO, Jaguar CD, & Neo Geo CD and nothing would compete.

  3. It is going to be expensive. Remember Xbox 360 proprietary HDD. It was expensive $139 for 120GB HDD. While at the time standard pc HDD drives were $.50 per GB and less. Its not going to be a game changer for anything but first party games that are developed for it. Super glad we will finally get SSD speeds in consoles tho.

  4. Some people are just short sighted. They don't understand how a new console architecture designed around modern SSD, as opposed to older hardware for which it was barely considered as an option, makes a huge difference. For Xbox One & PS4, SSD was prohibitively expensive. It didn't make sense for them to design everything around their promise. Not to mention that sata SSD at the time of this console gen launch was pathetically slow compared to modern M.2 NVMe. It's amazing how a decade of tech advancements makes a difference. But some people just don't have the mind for understanding such things.

  5. Which I hope they fix with the ps5 is that are less updates. I mean if you didn't play ps4 in one weak and you start it up to play a game. Guesss what it has a update so you have time to play ps4 but nope you gotta wait a little longer

  6. If that's the biggest feature, PS5 is in a load of trouble. A feature that only matters for a few hours when you buy a game and then never again? Big fucking deal lol

  7. Jason schrier is a fool in this respect,ssd without a proper motor lets say is useless,like having a 1000hp with my cars motor and no true torque to back it up the that hp is useless. Ssd’s may be better in the 9th gen consoles if done right but in 8th gen consoles do not prosper from ssd.

  8. This bigger jump that you talk about is only in hardware power gpu and cpu speeds etc. But I don't think the jump in graphics is going to be that big in the 9th gen vs 8th gen. Looking at the late ps4 games compared to 8th gen there is a big difference. You say that 8th gen was under powered but you look at pro and xbox x, they don't give us better graphics. That extra power is needed for image quality to achieve 4k.
    The leap for producing real time photo realistic graphics is getting smaller every year and it gets harder to achieve. The graphical leap from ps1 to ps2 was massive compared to ps3 to ps4. So all this extra power for 9th gen this massive leap in tech and the graphics are in nice native 4k running at 60fps but the graphics not that huge difference.. I hope you guys can say I'm wrong and we'll see a big difference

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