1. Quang Tran says:

    Quang you got to cook us _____________________________________!!!

  2. Death Forest says:

    I still cant get over him saying Chicken Ass-

  3. Gabriel Hernandez says:

    Now do Sam’s club food lol

  4. Daddy Kun says:

    To everyone who keeps commenting on ’he doesn’t know what a pasta salad is’ we don’t give a shit if you know what pasta salad is. Looks fucking garbage

  5. Maisy McClellan says:

    College student dorm feast! Only cook using items college students can use, simple ingredients. This would be challenging !

  6. Keith R says:

    Damn Canada is expensive… Free this free that, free my butt… I see the cost of it right here.

  7. Tyroic says:

    Why’s everything so expensive ?

  8. Jon Fliniau says:

    Stop Smacking with your mouth.Annoying!!!

  9. Pabs Pabs says:

    Why would you cook all that for any less than an hour! Definitely stoned hahah

  10. jacob rodriguez says:

    3:59 devours plate right after

  11. will marshall says:

    some pls explain why he says "nice, super pumped for this" before every bite

  12. TomboyVale says:

    I counted the money of everything it's atleast more than 70$ what the hell O.o that food is expensive
    And that chicken was half raw O.o give the time for things to cook bro!!!!

  13. RUDY MINOR says:

    Quang eats anything

  14. mt says:

    The way you chew is Nauseating

  15. Onlyherewhenimbored says:

    The way he sticks his finger in the lasagna

  16. Gs Roofing says:

    Shepard's pie does not have sweet corn in it .

  17. jajaveve says:

    Bruh why the f is the food in canada so expensive

  18. Christian M says:

    you should try the costco chicken fajitas kit!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. T.B.A i pavdekshem says:

    Quan!! Come back to Kafanas! p.s I dont think you will get your hands on our feta cheese recipe so easy without a fight😈

  20. H O N C H O Tajai says:

    we have regular food in americas costco too. We juss go get the pizzas nd stuff more

  21. Jason Jefferson says:

    That is a shit load of food. I thought he was gonna make some copy cat recipes, but I ended up watching QT eat food for 18:30. That's kinda weird on my part for a grown ass man to watch another man eat his food while hella smacking, but hey at least I'm not hungry.

  22. Bella’s Mom says:

    The prices a a lot higher than in the US. The chicken is 4.99 here. I think I also bought the stuffed peppers for around 14-15 dollars.

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