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28 thoughts on “This Is Bad… / Devil May Cry 5 / Part 12

  1. Been a few months but one of the devil breakers make dodging much easier for Nero. Also you came along with the sword and melee combos but now see if you can work some gun damage in. Yeah it's tiny but can help keep the style ranking up and its charged up shot for Nero can be surprising useful.

  2. I loved your rage mode a lot, it lasted a little but I loved it. I met you in some video of dark soul in super rage mode, with your gamer chair, I saw your beautiful body in that chair, your all relaxed and screaming.
    I foolishly fell in love with no reason for you since it is obvious that you are not far away, you foolishly met you on YouTube recommendations.
    I do not regret it, now I see your progress and I am glad for you.

    Take care alyce 🙂

  3. Reviving with red orbs is their sneaky way of getting people to buy red orbs in the shop because it counts as a continue but you don't have to fight the boss from the start. Unless you think there is NO WAY you can possibly beat a boss in one shot, you should just give up and continue (gold orbs penalize your score SIGNIFICANTYLY more than continuing or using red orbs, using one usually drops your score an entire grade). also exceed/ex-act (or tomboy if you're basic and can't do it the skillful way) would've helped a lot on this boss, especially when it starts healing

  4. When playing as Nero you can charge up his robot arms by holding Circle to perform a Stronger/Special attack with the robot arm at the cost of the robot arm.

    Alternatively you can rebind Nero's Devil Breaker button from Circle to R1 and hold it during a fight to make it easier to pull off the Stronger/Special robot arm attacks during a combo.

    Also when you play Dante try pressing left on the d-pad to enter Gunslinger with Ebony and Ivory equipped and jump in the air and press Circle to perform Rainstorm you won't regret it. 😀
    You do need Gunslinger level 2 to perform Rainstorm but at this point in the game you should be trying to level up Dante's skills as much as possible.

  5. Your not dodging alyska did u forget to roll. And also every boss battle they have pattern on how they fight u just have react quicker and dodge.

  6. Alyska u need to start using other devil breakers don't rely on just one or else it's gonna get boring if u use one like u did with overture.

  7. Alyska u do have the arms to fly across it is punch line which I can ride on it and gerbera from which fires shockwaves to push u upward and fly.

  8. 21:01 everytime you say the moves, triangle triangle, triangle triangle triangle… triangle… triangle triangle triangle… triangle triangle…. triangle… triangle triangle triangle… XD

  9. Do the stinger move when you are standing on the edge trying to get over to another platform. Nero og Dante will then jump waaaay loonger than they use to.

  10. It’s fine Alyce╮(╯▽╰)╭ I think the only problem is that you have been away from Nero for quite a while and got used to Dante’s attacks and moves, especially at this point of the game where Dante is much more stronger than Nero and V when you unlocked his sin devil trigger XD

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