30 thoughts on “This happened on our Earth in May 2019

  1. Dear Eartha Im leaving you for Marsha. She may be cold, mysterious and distance, but she can change. Please know its not you its me. Love Manny

  2. Your tectonic animations give the false impression continents charge about like goats. Your animation covered millions of years. You talked of the Portugal plate ramming Canada. That would not happen for millions of years.

  3. Ask the Son of God Jesus when he appears in the clouds to take the Christians out of here just before all Hell breaks out on Earth. Y'all Poo Poo's my God thinking mankind was more Powerful. Likle the times of Noah, things are changing!

  4. I am a 14 year old YouTuber you can read over this but soon I will be famous it would make my day if you could check out my channel I would do it for you be a good person

  5. Wow ummmm I feel like I shouldn't have watched this I guess I'll be kept up all night wondering when I'll die… (gulp)

  6. Scientists are being murdered, at least the ones that tell real truths aubout the real world and how things really work.

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