This happened on our Earth in May 2019


  1. chanpen strong says:

    โอ๊ย อะไรมันจะเกิด มันก็ต้องเกิด

  2. Phil Smith says:

    Dear Eartha Im leaving you for Marsha. She may be cold, mysterious and distance, but she can change. Please know its not you its me. Love Manny

  3. Diontae Daughtry says:

    Thank you this was very helpful and informative 👍👍

  4. lynn vaz says:

    Anyone watching in August 2019?

  5. kimtaeyoongi baby says:

    Watching while reading comments here. 😊

  6. Roedy Green says:

    If water were flowing into the Mariana Trench, where does it go from there. This video is crawling with BS.

  7. Roedy Green says:

    Your tectonic animations give the false impression continents charge about like goats. Your animation covered millions of years. You talked of the Portugal plate ramming Canada. That would not happen for millions of years.

  8. Roedy Green says:

    Those are not craters. Those are sinkholes.

  9. gm GX pro says:

    flat earth not planet

  10. Ambing Hobayan says:

    How Could You Know Only Jesus Knows That🤨

  11. Jim Coulter says:

    Ask the Son of God Jesus when he appears in the clouds to take the Christians out of here just before all Hell breaks out on Earth. Y'all Poo Poo's my God thinking mankind was more Powerful. Likle the times of Noah, things are changing!

  12. KjreactionHD says:

    I am a 14 year old YouTuber you can read over this but soon I will be famous it would make my day if you could check out my channel I would do it for you be a good person

  13. HyperMuffin12 says:

    Title: Our earth.

    The Soviet Union: time to share nibba

  14. Emman_ KO says:

    Damn so many ads….

  15. Moises Alvarado says:

    So the end of the world is soon coming

  16. Swag Master69696969696 says:

    may 2019 passed when u made this video. :/ clickbaiter.

  17. MultiGangus says:

    Terrible commentating

  18. Mr Lupalos says:

    Bitch I'm still alive

  19. Alimay Cowper says:

    Wow ummmm I feel like I shouldn't have watched this I guess I'll be kept up all night wondering when I'll die… (gulp)

  20. Todd Olson says:

    Scientists are being murdered, at least the ones that tell real truths aubout the real world and how things really work.

  21. Gabツ says:

    Omg the world is gonna end…I gOt tHE neW YeEzYS

  22. RS says:

    Oo i live in markham
    Close to toronto

    Get ready to die with me canadians
    And other ppl

  23. Nosliw Nayaggiv says:

    ang ganda

  24. Malarvizhi P says:

    Who are all reading comments and then watching video

    Like here

  25. Malarvizhi P says:

    Hi Mr. Brilliant
    This is August nothing happened 🧐🧐🧐

  26. ɢᴀɴɢsᴛᴀ 女 ɢʀɪʟʟ says:


  27. Mark Bache says:

    I wanna live

  28. Captn RAMBO says:

    Explosión underground gas??

  29. ahmed kabuto says:

    Thanks you for information around the world

  30. Smail Smajic says:

    We are all gonna die…. I give us 5 years till the earth is doomed…

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