Theresa May announces her resignation, a human traffic jam at the peak of Mount Everest raises death toll, and Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán request to exercise outdoors may be a plan to escape.

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43 thoughts on “Theresa May’s Tearful Brexit Farewell | The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

  1. Well at least he managed to get through a mention of the UK without bringing colonialism into it. I notice he mentions it…a lot! Newsflash but Britain hasn't had any major sort of empire in the traditional sense for 70 years, and if hadn't done all that colonising the US wouldn't exist now.

  2. 10 Downing Street isn't the UK's White House – Buckingham Palace is. 10, Downing Street is some government offices with a flat on the top floor for the prime minister and his/her family to live in. It's the "flat over the shop". Being PM isn't glamorous. Being the monarch is glamorous.

  3. Brexit was idiocy and based on evil thinking which divides human from human.Am sure there wud have been more votes if bill was should we revive east India company and capture world?

  4. Umm… 10 downing Street isn't on a main road. It is off a main road in central London, guarded with gates. Do ur homework!

  5. there are places in the world where we black folks refuse to die in , diving (sky or water) climbing mountains . But it's sad people risk their lives for the so called adventure

  6. Hahaha you can’t actually walk up to Number 10, there’s a big gate with armed police officers! 😂

    However 10/10 for Trevor’s English accent 👌🏼👌🏼😂😂

  7. The only outdoor space is the roof? Wow the US prison system is to guarantee a dysfunctional society when some are introduced. Yup the prison system wants a dysfunctional society…

  8. Pfft – Don't waste any sympathy on May. Her legacy will include the No Deal Brexit shambles, increased child poverty, her response to Grenfell Tower and the fact that many survivors still haven't been rehoused or compensated, more deaths because of the DWP, the awfulness that is the PIP rollout, the Windrush deportations, getting into bed with the DUP despite the implications to Northern Ireland and lots and lots of financial corruption much of which benefited her husband. That tearful end to her announcement is the only emotion she's shown, and that was self pity.

  9. So May is leaving soon, and the front-runner to replace her looks a bit like Donald Trump, was born in the U.S. (which legally qualifies him to run for President there), and is one of the co-authors of the initiative which got GB into this gargantuan mess in the first place.
    This should be fun…

  10. Why is it a laughing matter that a powerful woman, or man for that matter, shows that they are humans to, by showing their feelings? She has lost everything she has been fighting for, for sure you would be upset too.

  11. Trevor… Segment one, to answer your question: uhm no.
    Segment two, answering your question there: uhm… no.
    Segment three, referring to your question: uhm… no dude.

    You're welcome.

  12. Number 10 has 24/7 Armed police security and has a massive security gate and walls. You literally can't get anywhere near it..

  13. 1:25 – Actually Downing Street ISN'T a public street, it is gated. They don't have members of the public wandering by 10 Downing Street.

  14. I doubt anyone can do a better job than her considering the ludicrous political situation in britain today. The brits want its cake and eat it too for free

  15. She says she loves the country, her actions show her words mean nothing though when she was in a lower position and then as PM, no actions she's done have had the countries best interest behind them for years

  16. ok, 11.000 dollars and I get to see Trevor before I maybe die … I can thank him for all the hillarity and, of course, the sushi.

  17. I'm proud of you Trevor 😭 over five minutes without a racial joke 👏👏👏 I was sure Everest would have been an obvious opportunity, but you proved me wrong.

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